Price of 1 Day Visit in Minsk: Cheapest City in Europe

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Minsk is a lesser-known city in Eastern Europe visited less frequently than the capitals of the neighboring countries.

Nevertheless, the city has a great variety of unique and interesting sights that are worth visiting.

In addition, the prices are very low. $3-5 for cross-country train rides and $2-3 entry price for the most famous museums are a great bonus for visitors.

Based on the “Three-Star Traveler Index” and “Backpacker Index”, Minsk is one of the cheapest cities in Europe.

Learn more about the prices of visiting Minsk depending on your budget and travel needs!

Price of Travel Indices

Backpacker in Minsk

“Three-Star Traveler Index “, as well as the “Backpacker Index” (” Budget Traveler Index “) are ratings independently composed by the Price of Travel website to determine the cheapest cities for travelers to visit.

To compare different cities, a standard tourist set of expenses is taken into account. Further, we will shortly explain the way the indices are formed.

Minsk wasn’t taken into account in the ratings, but we fixed it.

We calculated the price for 1 day in Minsk in accordance with both ratings, and also how much will cost 1 day in the capital of Belarus for tourists who are used to luxury and exclusivity.

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Budget Traveler Index

So, here are the expenses that are included in the total amount, which is taken into account in the Budget Traveler Index:

  • One night’s lodging with the cheapest accommodation option in the least expensive hostel with a good location and good reviews
  • Two trips by public transport per day
  • One famous attraction per day (in each city, there are many free attractions that are excellent for a budget traveler, but here we take the average cost of one popular attraction per day).
  • Three budget meals per day (the minimum price for admission + 20% to make it more realistic for a longer trip).
  • Three glasses of cheap, local beer (or wine) every day as “entertainment fund”. Non-drinkers can choose dessert and coffee, or, instead, visit a local musical performance, so this is a common benchmark, which should be proportional in each city.

Prices for the Budget Traveler in Minsk

Cheap Accommodation in Minsk

Trinity suburb, price of 1 day in MInsk

So, the cheapest accommodation options in Minsk with a central location and good reviews (according to are the Flatcon Hostel, where you can stay for $8 per person, and having an 8.9 rating, Olimpiyskiy Inn (if someone cannot read it, it means ‘Olympic’) for $10 per night and an 8.9 rating.

The third option would be the Trinity hostel for $12 and a rate of 8.4. You can search for the most suitable hostel here.

The index takes into account the cheapest accommodation option. So, the option in the case of Minsk that suits the requirements is Flatcon for $8.

Cost of budget accommodation in Minsk: $8.

Public Transport in Minsk

Prices for tickets in public transport in Minsk are 06 Belarusian rubles for land transport and 0.65 Belarusian rubles for the metro or tickets for ground tickets bought from the driver. For calculation, let’s take 0.6, that is, 2 trips are equal to 1.2 rubles, or $0.6.

The cost of public transport in Minsk: $0.6

Sights of Minsk

World War 2 museum in Minsk

So, most of the sights and interesting places in Minsk are free to visit. You can stroll along the Trinity Suburb, the Upper Town with the Town Hall, go to the museum of stones, go to the underground shopping center “Stolitsa” under the Lenin Square.

But, as one paid attraction is taken into account in the rating, we will choose the newly constructed museum of the Great Patriotic War, which is one of the most popular sights of Minsk (read more about the Minsk museums). Ticket for adults in the museum costs 8 rubles = $4.

Cost of Minsk sights: $ 4

Find the most suitable tour around Minsk here:

Budget Meal in Minsk

draniki national cuisine in Minsk

Eating in Minsk can be really cheap, and it’s not necessarily fast food. Usually, the dishes of Belarusian national cuisine are inexpensive even in restaurants. But, we need to choose the cheapest place where you can eat in Minsk and add 20% to make the price look more realistic. We will not consider network fast-food restaurants, but consider something local.

Perhaps, the most popular and famous Belarusian dish is draniki. Recently, the government was trying to make it a national fast food, which was partially successful. In some places, you can buy a pancake or a burger from the pancakes with a paddy in the middle.

Such a traditional meal will cost at least 3 rubles = $1.5. One more option would be a whole lunch menu consisting of a soup, meat with vegetables or pasta, a dessert and a non-alcoholic drink that would cost about the same. Last option for a full budget meal we will talk about will be a shawarma from the famous Mirage Cafe in Minsk (rather, a stall), where at any time of the day there is a queue of people. Even the smallest shawarma for 5.5 rubles will make feel full for the next several hours of walking around Minsk.

So, we take the minimum value and add 20%, and multiply by three. It turns out to be $5.4.

The cost of a budget meal in Minsk: $ 5.4

Budget Entertainment in Minsk

coffee in Minsk

This category includes local beer, coffee with a dessert, or a concert/show of a local band/artist. So, local beer in budget bars in Minsk will cost about 2.5 rubles, coffee with dessert starting from 3 rubles, but rather around 4-5, concerts will cost a minimum of 3-5 rubles, but often there is free live music in bars.

So, we consider three glasses of beer of 2.5 rubles each – 7.5 rubles, or $3.75, we will count 4.

Cost of a budget entertainment in Minsk: $4

Read our guide to coffee shops in Minsk

Price for 1 Day in Minsk For a Budget Traveler

Total cost = 8 + 0.6 + 4 + 5.4 + 4 = $22. This corresponds to the 1st place in the ranking of the Cheapest Cities in Europe, $2 less than one day in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, which previously ranked first.

Want to save more? Check these lifestyle changes that will save you a fortune

So, let’s see how cheap Minsk is for travelers with an average budget. What place does Minsk have in the Three-Star Traveler Index?

Three-star Traveler Index

3-star traveler

In this index, the total price for 1 day in the city consists of the following costs:

  • One night’s lodging in the cheapest 3-star hotel, preferably with a central location, and mostly positive reviews. Prices for accommodation for one person are based on a room for 2 people, so the total cost of accommodation is double that specified in the rating for each city.
  • Two 3-kilometer taxi trips per day (each person pays for the trip once).
  • One attraction per day, for example, a popular museum
  • Three meals a day in the best places from the budget category for each city
  • Three glasses of beer (or wine) per day as “entertainment fund”. Non-drinkers can choose dessert and coffee, or, instead, visit a local musical performance, so this is a common benchmark, which should be proportional to each city.

Accomodation in Minsk for 3-star Traveler

hotel in Minsk

So, judging by the same site, the cheapest 3-star hotels in Minsk with a central location are: Orbita Hotel, located near the metro station, 2 stops from the heart of the city, having the ranking of 8.6, and the price for a night for two – $ 48, the Belarus hotel with a central location, an 8.6 rating and a cost of $53 for two, and a more modern BonHotel, located next to Orbita, with reviews of 9.1 and price of $59 for two.

The cheapest accommodation that satisfies the conditions is Orbit Hotel for $48, that is $24 per person. Although, it is worth noting that in Minsk, apartment rental is popular, which can cost you less, and the conditions and level will be higher.

The cost of staying in a 3-star hotel in Minsk: $24

Find the most suitable hotel here:


Taxi in Minsk

taxi sign

The next component of the cost of one day in Minsk for travelers with an average budget is a taxi. A 3-kilometer taxi ride in Minsk will cost you about 5-6 rubles, that is $2.5-3. Among cheap taxis in Minsk, you can use 7788, 7585, 7778, 156 and some others.

Cost of a 3-kilometer taxi ride in Minsk: $ 3

Sights of Minsk

This point does not differ from the corresponding one for budget travelers, so for calculation we will also take the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, where the adult ticket costs 8 rubles, or 4 dollars.

Cost of Minsk attraction: $ 4

Meal in Minsk for an Average Budget

Stolle cafe in Minsk

In this category, a meal in the best place from the budget category is taken into account. Such a place can be a popular restaurant with national Belarusian and Slavic cuisine called Lido, where the average meal will cost about 6-7 rubles, and the Pizza Tempo pizzeria is also quite inexpensive, which can rather be considered a representative of an average category, rather than a budget one. There, the cost of a meal per person will be a minimum of 8 rubles. You can also try pies in the Stolle chain, where some of them will cost you mere pennies, and the average meal will cost 5-6 rubles.

So, average meal will cost from 5-6 rubles, which is $3, that is, three meals a day will cost an average-wallet traveler about $ 9.

Cost of 3 meals at the best of low-cost places in Minsk: $ 9

Entertainment in Minsk at an Average Price Level

Music in Minsk

A glass of medium-level beer or wine in a medium-priced bar will cost about 4-5 rubles. Coffee with dessert in a more central and famous coffee house will cost 5-6 rubles. Prices for entertainment for the average level are about the same as for the budget traveler (with Minsk prices, it is possible for the budget tourist to afford a lot), that is, 3-5 rubles.

For statistics, we will take into account a glass of beer, that is, 4 rubles = $2. For three glasses of beer (or a glass + concert + coffee with dessert), the cost will be $6

Cost of entertainment in Minsk for an average price level: $ 6.

Price of 1 Day in Minsk For a Middle Class Traveler

So, summing up all the expenses that are included in the index of a 3-star traveler, we can calculate how much it 1 day in Minsk for a traveler with an average budget costs.

$ 24 for the accommodation + $ 3 for a taxi + $ 4 for a tourist attraction + $ 9 for a meal + $ 6 for entertainment.

Total cost of 1 day in Minsk: $ 46

In this ranking, Minsk would be on the 5th place out of 57. In the first place is Bucharest, the capital of Romania, where the cost of one day for a middle-class traveler will be $ 43.40, only $ 2.6 less than in Minsk. But, it was a comparison of equal values. If you want to save more or to see more in such a low-cost city, everything depends on you!

Luxury Traveler Index

Luxury traveler on private jet

The rating or index of the cheapest cities in Europe at the luxury level does not exist, but we created our own to satisfy also some travelers who want to spend time in Minsk with luxury without spending a fortune on exclusive entertainment.

We have already created a route called “Luxury Holidays in Belarus“, where we presented some interesting things to do for those who can afford the most exclusive and expensive entertainment. Now, we will analyze how much 1 day in Minsk will cost for a rich person.

Don’t forget to get a transfer from the aiport

The components of our index:

  • Accommodation in the least expensive 5-star hotel with good location and reviews. Prices for accommodation per person are based on a price of a room for two, divided by 2.
  • Two 5-kilometer trips by a VIP taxi a day (each person pays for a trip 1 time).
  • 1 individual excursion, a VIP ticket or an exclusive sightseeing tour or a remarkable place.
  • Three meals a day in a national cuisine restaurants from the highest price category
  • 3 glasses of the best beer / wine in one of the best bars in Minsk, dessert and coffee, or a concert / theater / entrance to an elite nightclub.

Accommodation in a 5-star hotel in Minsk

Renaissance hotel, luxury traveler index Minsk

Among the most inexpensive 5-star hotels in Minsk with good location and reviews, we can distinguish the Renaissance hotel, where a night’s lodging for two will cost from $ 110, and its rating is 9.0, the Marriott Hotel is located even more central, and costs $ 117 per night for two, its rating is 9.1, and the Beijing hotel, which also houses the Opera Casino, the hotel rating is 8.8, and the price is a minimum of $ 118 per night for two.

For the index calculation, we take the Renaissance hotel, where the cost for two is $ 110, and for one – $ 55.

Cost of stay in a 5-star hotel in Minsk: $ 55

VIP Taxi in Minsk

Riding 5 kilometers on the VIP-taxi in Minsk will cost you about 10 rubles = $ 5. In the city, you can find luxury taxis of the best models of Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and others. Among the VIP-taxi, there are 107 and vip-mercedes.

Cost of 5 kilometers ride on a VIP taxi in Minsk: $ 5

Individual Excursions and Sightseeing Tours in Minsk

Island on Svisloch river, Price of 1 day in Minsk

So, here we will consider the cost of services for individual tours of Minsk and its main sights. An individual tour of the old town of Minsk will cost about $50 for 2 people, same as excursions to other parts of the city. Here you can find a suitable excursion and a tour guide in Minsk.

The cost of an individual excursion to the Great Patriotic War Museum from the corresponding part of other indices will amount to 47 rubles per person = $ 23.5.

The cost of an individual tour in Minsk: $ 25 per person.

Find the best activities in Minsk here:

Luxury National Cuisine Restaurants in Minsk

National cuisine restaurant Druzya

We decided to choose the restaurants with the national Belarusian cuisine, as they help you to learn about the local traditions and culture, and also have lower prices than, for example, restaurants of French cuisine in Minsk.

One of the places, where it is possible in the best conditions to try both Belarusian and other cuisines is the Vankovichi manor with its restaurant mentioned in our luxury route in Belarus. The meal per person here will cost about $ 30-40.

Another restaurant, where Belarusian and European cuisine is successfully combined, and you can also try their self-brewed beer, is Druzya (means “friends” in Russian) restaurant. You can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of this place for $ 30-40.

If you want to relax on nature outside of Minsk, but not far from it, to fish, ride a segway, play tennis, go to the sauna, then you should go to the elite recreation center Syabry (also means “friends”, but in Belarusian). Here, you will also find a restaurant of Belarusian cuisine, whose large portions you can eat for only 40-50 rubles, that is $ 25-30.

Cost of 3 meals in luxury restaurants in Minsk: $ 90.

Luxury Entertainment in Minsk

Stalin Line near Minsk, luxury entertainment

A glass of good beer in one of the best bars in Minsk will cost you about 6-7 rubles. Coffee with dessert will be about 6 rubles, same as for middle-class travelers. The cost of mini-concerts does not differ, that is, about 5-6 rubles. If you are interested in nightlife in Minsk, the entrance to elite nightclubs in Minsk costs from 12-16 rubles, and the reservation of the table is about 150 rubles.

If you want to try a more active entertainment than beer in the bar, you can jump with a parachute in the air club of Borovaya near Minsk. A jump with an instructor from the height of 2700 meters costs 219 rubles.

Or, maybe you have dreamed of riding a tank since your childhood? In Belarus, you have such an opportunity. In the “Stalin Line” complex near Minsk, you can ride one of the numerous tanks for 200-2000 rubles.

As before, we take into account the cost of the most inexpensive entertainment: beer in the bar x3, that is, about $ 10.

Cost of luxury entertainment in Minsk: $ 10

Total Price of 1 Day in Minsk for a Luxury Traveler

So, an elite day in Minsk will cost you $ 185. A good enough price for such a rich and luxurious day.

Cost of an elite day in Minsk: $ 185

It was our survey of the price of 1 day in Minsk for 3 types of tourists: budget travelers, middle-class or economy-class tourists, as well as for luxury lovers. We hope, we told you everything you wanted to know, and your next trip will be to Minsk. Also, read about what is worth visiting in Vitebsk and Gomel, or about the 10 best health resorts in Belarus!

Plan your trip to Belarus here.

Have a great time in our country!

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