Landmarks of Grodno in 1-2 days

Best Things to do in Grodno: Travel Guide 2020

The Best Things to do in Grodno: Travel Guide 2020

Landmarks of Grodno in 1-2 days

Grodno is one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus with the largest number of historical sights per city preserved to our days.

Of course, it is difficult not to miss any of the important attractions of the city.

To help you plan a perfect trip to Grodno, we’ve created this complete guide with the best places to visit, things to do, places to stay and where to go next to explore more of Belarus!

Let’s start.

Attractions of Grodno


Belarus is a multi-religious country. Representatives of many religions live here without problems, which certainly affected the architectural appearance of Belarusian cities. Grodno has very diverse and beautiful churches. They will be interesting even for those who do not identify themselves as any of the religions.

The most famous church of Grodno – Kolozhskaya (or Borisoglebskaya), built in the 12 century! It is one of the most famous monuments of ancient Russian architecture and one of the main attractions of the city.

Unusual attractions in Grodno

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The uniqueness of the church is in the use of multicolored boulders and tiles forming different patterns and symbols in its construction. Clay pots are built into the walls of the church, creating the ideal acoustics of the building. This is a place worth visiting in Grodno.

In all guides to Grodno, you will see the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier. The Jesuit Monastery, which had been under it since the 17 century, was one of the richest in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The oldest working clock in Europe decorates the tower of the church.

Catholic Cathedral in Grodno

It is also worth visiting St John ‘s Church, which is a monument to 19-century architecture. The church was built in Neo-Gothic style and to date is the only active Lutheran church in the country.

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You will not pass by the St. Kurovsk Cathedral Orthodox Cathedral, it is distinguished by its interesting external finish, framing of windows and entrances.

The list of beautiful places in Grodno will be incomplete without a local synagogue. In the city center there is one of the oldest synagogues of Europe, the Great Horal Synagogue, today it regularly holds divine services, there is a Jewish museum. Not long ago, the synagogue was renovated.


There are many interesting museums in Grodno, but we will tell about the most unusual. First of all, we recommend going to the Museum of History of the Fire Service of Grodno, which is located at 19 Castle Street. In the same building more than a century ago there is a fire department, which is still in operation.

Museum of Fire Service History in Grodno

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Irina Kachan is the head of the museum. We say her name for a reason. Irina is one of the few who has explored the history of the fire case in Grodno. She dedicated a book to this topic, where she told about the brave firefighters who saved the homes of residents in the 16th-20th centuries.

With the same respect Irina also treats the museum: there are many interesting and miraculously preserved exhibits. A tour of the museum will like not only adults but also children. It is one of the best places for family rest.

Next to the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier, about which we told earlier, there is a plain pharmacy. When you open the doors and look inside, you might think it ‘s just one of the many pharmacies in the city center. But it is worth going deep to find with surprise that it is a real museum!

Oldest pharmacy museum in Grodno

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It’s hard to believe, but the pharmacy has been in this place since 1687! Remember what a difficult fate Belarus has. The country was significantly affected by the wars, but the pharmacy was still able to remain in its historical place. Recommended to visit!


Only two castles are preserved in Grodno: the Old and the New one. The old Castle was erected back in the 12th century, to protect against constant attacks by crusaders.

During its history, the castle has been repeatedly destroyed and reconstructed. Nowadays it is home to the Grodno Historical and Archaeological Museum, which is also worth visiting.

Oldest castle in Grodno

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The new Castle was built in the 18 century, located it directly opposite the old one. It was originally intended as a summer residence for Polish and Lithuanian rulers. It was in it, at the end of the 18 century, that a historical document on the division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was signed.

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During World War II, the New Castle completely burned down. He has later shaved again in the style of a Stalin ampere.

Now in the New Castle, there is also a branch of the historical and archaeological museum, and in the yard located a green garden with acacias.

New Castle in Grodno

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What else to see in Grodno?

You will remember the trip to Grodno for a long time if you attend one of the performances at the Grodno Drama Theater. It’s a great opportunity not only to plunge into the world of Belarusian art but also to see the building of the theatre itself. It’s built on the best traditions of futuristic Soviet architecture.

Dramatic theater in Grodno

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The hall of Theatre has comfortable soft chairs and excellent acoustics. You can enjoy both Belarusian performances in Russian language and foreign productions from other countries.

The list of tourist attractions in Grodno often includes the house of writer Eliza Orzeszkowa. Once Eliza herself lived there, but now the building turned into a museum.

19th century museum in Grodno

Photo from the site Grodno IN

If you are fond of history and philology, we recommend visiting this place. Here you can see with your own eyes how one of the few public figures from the late 19th century lived.

What is worth visiting in Grodno, if you come to the city with a family?

Go to Gilibert Park! This is a truly unique place created in the 18th century by the talented French physician Jean-Emmanuel Gilibert. Here you can relax in the shade of the trees and have a snack at a café.

Beautiful park in Grodno for family

On the way to many attractions, you will walk along the most visited part of the city — Sovetskaya Street. In summer evenings street musicians play here and in winter the street decorated with small live trees.

We recommend turning into one of the side streets that cross Sovetskaya to discover the world of mysterious medieval mysteries.

Entertainments of Grodno

Restaurant “Castle of Zevana”

Grodno Region, Korobchitsi Village

We could name a dozen restaurants in Grodno, but we stopped at the Castle of Zevana. In the first view, the establishment looks like a reduced copy of an ancient castle. That ‘s his main highlight.

Most unusual restaurant in Grodno

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The restaurant is named after the Slavic goddess Zevana, revered by hunters. No wonder there are many simple but very tasty meat dishes on the menu. And you can also order medovuha (traditional alcoholic drink), prey dishes, play billiards or sit by the fireplace with a glass of good beer.

There ‘s a great tea, wine, coffee and dessert card here, so you can come to the Castle of Zevana with your family. There are three theme halls with different interiors as well as a summer terrace.

Rope park “Jungle”

Grodno, Pyshki park

Do you prefer active rest in the company of your friends and loved ones? Go to Jungle Park! Overcome many fascinating obstacles and get to the other end of the rope bridge.

Rope park in Grodno for active recreation

Photo from the website

The park is located in the forest, surrounded by beautiful Belarusian nature. It is a great place for active rest by the whole family, including with children.

Night club “BAZA”

Pobedy St., 35

If you are a connoisseur of bright nightlife and want to rest properly, come to one of the parties at the nightclub “BAZA”. It is one of the most famous clubs in the country. In addition to the dance floor, there is a bar with a large selection of drinks, a huge stage and a recreation area for VIP visitors.

Best nightclub in Grodno

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Karting club “Virazh”

Sanatornaya St., 16

Karting is one of the best entertainment everyone will like! In the karting club “Virazh” you can feel like a real driver, even if you have never driven before.

Karting Club Virazh in Grodno

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Everyone comes here, regardless of age and interest. After all, the sense of drive and excitement experienced on the race track can surprise everyone. It is worth coming here with a big company or with the family to organize a competition and come to the finish line first!

Best hotels and apartments

Semashko Hotel

Kalyuchinskaya St., 23,

Hotel Semashko is one of the best in Grodno. If you value unquestioned comfort and want to live in the heart of the city, we recommend paying attention to Semashko. In addition to comfortable rooms, there is a bar with expensive drinks, lounge area, free parking, dry cleaning and internet.

Best hotel in the center of Grodno

Each room has air conditioning, satellite TV, small appliances and free body care. In the morning you can go down to the Swedish table and eat breakfast, or order it in the room. On the website, married couples rated this hotel 9 stars out of 10.

Room at Semashko Hotel in Grodno

Photo from the website

Kronon Park Hotel

Grodno, Pyshki park

Do you dream of dipping into the atmosphere of the royal past and feeling yourself owners of the country estate? Book a room at the Cronon Park Hotel. It is a unique place modestly referred to as a design hotel.

Summer terrace in the centre of Grodno

Here everything is stylized as a classic estate of past centuries. And the hotel is located in a picturesque forest, only 5 kilometres from the city centre. Unlike other hotels, Cronon Park is quiet and quiet, there are no crowds of tourists and cars under the windows. By the way, on the territory of the hotel, there is an opportunity to charge an electric car.

Each room is decorated differently and different from the others. There is free internet, TV, minibar and bathroom with towels and robes, which are also included in the price.

Hotel with classic interior in the center of Grodno

Photo from the website

There is a high-end restaurant on the property. The menu consists of European and Belarusian cuisine. You can order food in the room or have lunch on the outdoor terrace, enjoying the natural beauty.

On the website, married couples rated this hotel 9 stars out of 10.

Apartment “On Kirov Street”

Kirov St., 18А apt. 7

If you prefer to rent apartments rather than a hotel room, we recommend settling in the apartment “On Kirov Street”. These are bright spacious apartment, from the windows of which a beautiful garden is visible. There is one bedroom, living room, TV, kitchen with all necessary appliances and one bathroom.

Rent an apartment on Kirov Street in Grodno

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On the website, married couples rated this hotel 9 stars out of 10.

What to see in Grodno in 1 day?

Of course, it will take you at least a week to get to know the city. But if you have quite a little time in reserve, it is quite possible to bypass Grodno in 1 day. We recommend settling in a hotel in the city centre so as not to waste time on the road.

Apartments for rent in Grodno

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Start your acquaintance with the Soviet street. It ‘s pedestrian, and it ‘s also very beautiful.

From there you can go to the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier and after a look at the pharmacy-museum. They are located within walking distance of each other.

Check one of the local restaurants, for example, “Traktir Podkova.” Here you will be fed delicious and inexpensive traditional Belarusian dishes.

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And after a rich lunch, you can go to the Pyshki park where there is much entertainment for any taste and wallet.

You can rent a bicycle and go to cycling or visit the “Jungle” rope park. In “Pyshki” there is a restaurant of hotel “Cronon Park” where you can spend a pleasant evening surrounded by forest and quiet singing of birds.

In the evening return to the hotel by taxi, relax properly and start the next day with a new trip to Belarus!

Now you know what to see in Grodno in a day. If you have time, we recommend staying in the city for a week and visiting all the local attractions. Grodno is a unique city for Belarus. In no other city in the country will you meet so many historical monuments and echoes of a rich past.

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