What to do 5 days in Belarus: 5 Great Itineraries

In the beginning of 2017, Belarus has introduced a 5-day visa-free regime for citizens of over 80 countries, and in the end of the same year, 5 days changed to 10.

So, if you want to use the opportunity to visit Belarus without paying for visa, now is the best time. To help you plan your trip, we’ve created five 5-day itineraries around Belarus of different kinds.

Everyone will find something of his or her taste. Check our Belarus routes below:

Water Routes: Kayaking on Belarusian Rivers

If you like active leasure, and especially kayaking on the lake, water routes Belaruslike kayaking, you can try this activity in one of 11000 rivers and 19000 lakes on the territory of Belarus.

Check the best water routes around Belarus in our article.

Water Routes

Luxury holidays in Belarus

Luxury holidays in Belarus itinerary, restaurantIf you would like to have a luxury holiday in our country, you can afford a lot for much less money than in any Western European country.

Check the best activities and our 5-day Belarus luxury itinerary with recommendations on places to stay and things to do to enjoy the most of your holidays.

Luxury holidays in Belarus

Military-Patriotic routesWorld War 2 museum in Minsk, military itinerary

One of the main reasons to visit Belarus is its history, especially connected to the Second World War.

The country was devastated during it, and nowadays, you can find numerous memorials and museums devoted to the hardest times in Belarusian history.

To cover the best historical attractions connected to the Second World War, we’ve created an itinerary around Belarus allowing you to get to know this part of our history in the best way possible.

Check this itinerary on our website:

Military-Patriotic Route: Traces of Wartime

Pilgrimage Route

Saint Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk from afarBelarus is a mainly orthodox country, but tolerant to many other religions. If you would like to see the best attractions connected to religion, whether you are religious person or not, we’ve created a perfect route around Orthodox shrines of Belarus.

Some of the most interesting religious and at the same time defensive structures are fort churches that were filling two roles at the same time.

Check our pilgrimage itinerary below:

Pilgrimage Route around Orthodox Shrines of Belarus

Bike Routes

national park bike path belarus itinerary

Some more great routes for those, who like active leisure. Belarus has a beautiful nature, and riding a bike is one of the best ways to enjoy it.

We have created 5 great cycle routes for you with all information you need to know to rent a bike: prices, places to rent and much more…

Check our 5 bike itineraries below:

Top 5 Cycle Routes in Belarus

So, they were our 5 types of Belarus itineraries.

If you didn’t find something you would like to do or visit in our country, check top 12 things to do in Belarus like a local. Have a great time in our country!

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