Luxury holidays in Belarus itinerary, restaurant

Luxury Holidays in Belarus

If you have a golden card and you can afford luxury holidays, then our “Belarus Luxury Itinerary” is for you. We have outlined a list of interesting entertainment in the capital and beyond, which will show you splendid Belarus. Learn more about the best luxury activities in Belarus below! Luxury […]

Beautiful nature of Belarus, Forest bike path in the national park

What to do 5 days in Belarus: 5 Great Itineraries

In the beginning of 2017, Belarus has introduced a 5-day visa-free regime for citizens of over 80 countries, and in the end of the same year, 5 days changed to 10. So, if you want to use the opportunity to visit Belarus without paying for visa, now is the best […]

Water routes

Kayaking on the rivers of Belarus. Water routes

Have you already thought of what to do this summer? How can you make your summer vacation or weekend interesting and beneficial? We will tell you: if you like active leisure, go canoeing or kayaking through the rivers of Belarus! Specially for you, we chose the most interesting water routes […]

national park bike path belarus itinerary

Top 5 cycle routes in Belarus

Sometimes you want to vary your leisure time, but these days it is not so easy to do it. If you are tired of regular walks in the parks and city bicycle paths, you visited all the sights and museums, and you like active recreation and cycling, then we’ll give […]

Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk

Pilgrimage route around Orthodox shrines of Belarus

Today it is very popular to travel to holy places in many countries of the world. There are such places in Belarus, which from time immemorial attracted believers with their spiritual power. However, this trip will be interesting not only to pilgrims, but also to ordinary tourists. With the help […]

Mound of glory

Military-Patriotic Route. Traces of Wartime

Independent travel is always interesting, do not be afraid to plan an incredible route and implement it! And we will help you with it ? Many of us like to travel by car. Firstly, it is convenient. Secondly, you can gather a group of friends or travel with your family […]