Gambling market facts and rules in Belarus casinos

Gambling Market in Belarus: What Every Tourist Needs to Know

Until recently, the Belarusian gambling sphere remained in the shadows, still being popular among foreigners from neighboring countries with stricter gambling laws. In 2019, the authorities expanded the list of allowed types of gambling, which gave an impetus to the development of business and tourism.  Many foreigners, including those from […]

Belavia Plane in Minsk national airport

Top 5 Professions that Let You Travel More

Travel is often thought to be one of the most rewarding experiences we can have in our lives. From the rainforests of Brazil to the cities of Belarus, the ruins of Petra to the beaches of Penzance, there’s so much to see and do that we can find it hard […]

Christmas Tree Decoration in Belarus

Christmas in Belarus: How Is It Celebrated

Do you want to know what Christmas is like in Belarus? Although for most people Christmas takes place on the 25 of December, for Belarusians it is different. According to the Gregorian calendar, Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on the 7 of January. As part of Belarusians are Catholics, and many […]

Travel packing items for Eastern European trip

Eastern Europe Packing List for Backpackers

Eastern Europe is one of the areas of the world that have become more and more accessible since traveling was made easier. There are so many fantastic countries with interesting cultures that you may not even be aware of. An incredible way to travel through this region is by backpacking, […]

Minsk independence square, Belarus vegan guide

The Best Places To Try Local Vegan Food In Belarus

Being a neighbor to both Russia and Ukraine has definitely made life a bit odd for the average Belarusian. When the future seems grim and uncertain, though, good food is one thing that people can always depend on. After all, food is one of the few things that connects all […]

Minsk train station sunset view from above

5 Ideas for a Fun Date Night Out in Minsk

An often-underrated destination in Eastern Europe, Belarus can be found in the middle of bordering countries Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Its capital and largest city, Minsk, is also Belarus’s most visited and boasts plenty of Byzantine-Gothic architecture, abundant forest land, wide avenues, hearty potato dishes, and artistic experiences. […]

Minsk cycling in the city center in Belarus

6 Must-Try Adventures in Belarus for Outdoor Lovers

If you are the outdoorsy kind, why not head on over to the gorgeous and quite underrated country of Belarus? Belarus has plenty of outdoor adventures that you can enjoy. There are six great activities we want to mention here. Hit the slopes A popular activity to do in Belarus […]

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Belarus to Book Your Stay

Even though Minsk and Belarus are not among the top tourist destinations in Europe, the country has taken great strides to improve its external image through several investments. Apart from attractions, hotels and accommodation centers are key factors tourists consider before visiting the country, and Belarus hasn’t been left behind. […]