8 best events of August in Minsk 2019

Festivals, parties, exhibitions are everywhere! And you haven’t been anywhere? This urgently needs to be fixed. In August, you will find: hot Vulica Brasil on Oktyabrskaya, Amy Winehouse party, Borjomi-party, celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Minsk tram, retro bus tour from Alivaria, open-air movie festival, U-flying festival, Millennium […]

7 best events of July in Minsk 2019, that you should visit

Midsummer, and you still haven’t been able to have a good time? It doesn’t matter, there are so many interesting things ahead: Dreamland foam party, Ratomka obstacle race, Amy Winehouse private secrets show, Gong night meditation party, silent open-air festival, classical Jazz quartet performance, celebration of Ivan Kupalya night and […]

Castle in Romania, guide to visiting Eastern Europe with kids

How to Get the Most Out of Family Holiday in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is quickly becoming a top tourist destination, particularly because of its medieval architecture and fascinating culture. The relative affordability of the area has fueled its growth as a tourist hot spot. To make sure you get the best experience in your holiday, you can follow these tips: Select […]

where to go in Minsk in May 2019

8 Events in Minsk This May That Are Worth a Visit

Who wants to stay at home when the weather is so good? When there is an electronic music concert, an exhibition about Belarusian mythology, a typography festival, an organ music festival, a bicycle week, an Olympic Games opening festival, a design week and a romantic evening in the Planetarium … […]

Minsk in spring, where to go

8 events in april 2019 in Minsk which you can’t miss

  A concert of experimental music at the Planetarium, an exhibition about completely non-female professions, an intellectual book festival, a performance by Dylan Moran, a cross country bike cycling marathon, an exhibition of amateur artists, a salsa party and a unique exhibition on Chernobyl. We have prepared for you the […]

Bate borisov stadium, during football game in Belarus

All Belarusian Football: Culture, Teams and Stadiums

Like almost any other country in Europe, Belarus loves its football. It’s not the major sport in the country, and internationally Belarus doesn’t specifically have a huge reputation in football. However, this sport can still be a major part of your experience in Belarus because of the passion and tradition […]

Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Belarus

Belarus is a versatile and unusual country. Its unique culture is reflected not only in local sights and mentality of Belarusians but also in souvenirs, which every tourist can find in any, even the smallest town in the country. We have collected for you the best Belarusian souvenirs (and no, […]

Minsk industry

What Businesses and Industries You Should Invest in Belarus

The economic potential of Belarus is based on a number of industries which account for almost 40% of the basic production assets. Over 2,300 different plants which produce about 30% of the gross domestic product function in the country. In this article, you can investigate what you can invest in, […]