Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Belarus

Belarus is a versatile and unusual country. Its unique culture is reflected not only in local sights and mentality of Belarusians but also in souvenirs, which every tourist can find in any, even the smallest town in the country. We have collected for you the best Belarusian souvenirs (and no, […]

Minsk industry

What Businesses and Industries You Should Invest in Belarus

The economic potential of Belarus is based on a number of industries which account for almost 40% of the basic production assets. Over 2,300 different plants which produce about 30% of the gross domestic product function in the country. In this article, you can investigate what you can invest in, […]

Beautiful chalk pit near Volkovysk in Belarus to visit this summer

Top 5 Belarus Attractions You Need to Visit This Year

A country that only recently opened its borders to tourists already became a popular travel destination. Belarus is a country of undiscovered sights that attract more and more international travelers. To help you choose out of the wide variety of tourist attractions in Belarus, we chose our top 5 of […]

where to go in minsk in march 2019, art-bar

7 best events in Minsk in March 2019

Here are specially selected events of the first spring month of 2019: the celebration of Maslenitsa in Logoisk, an exhibition of the naked human body, an invitation to a ball, an art party with a check bar, poems and coffee, entertainment for World Women’s Day, a concert of a popular […]

skier on the snow, skiing tips for Belarus

6 Tips for Your First Time Skiing in Belarus

An intense adrenaline rush, epic snowy views and a fun-fuelled adventure are guaranteed on a Belarus skiing holiday. As a first time skier, the prospect of slaloming down mountain peaks at high speeds can be daunting. If you follow this advice, you’ll get the most out of your skiing holiday and enjoy […]

Starting and doing business in Belarus

Do Business in Belarus: 11 Easy Steps to Open a Company

Developing market, qualified and hard-working labor force, low salaries and taxes, highly developed industry of IT companies, and visa-free regime. There are many reasons to start a business in Belarus. But what are the first steps for creating a business in Belarus? How to become an entrepreneur in this green […]

grate lights festival in minsk 2019

8 Events in Minsk in February 2019 You Shouldn’t Miss

Here are selected events that you definitely need to get in February 2019: true Chinese festival of giant lamps, personal exhibition of Boris Grebenshchikov, a battle of DJs of Belarus, “hot” dances with loved ones, cinema with wine, stand-up and etc. Do not allow yourself to be “entangled” in a series […]

Lake and church in Belarus, trip planner and reasons to visit Belarus

7 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Belarus This Year

After years of being a closed country, Belarus started working on the improvement of its tourism potential by increasing its attractiveness and easiness to come here.  A couple of years of hard work, and now Belarus is in Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2019 according to Lonely Planet ranking. To […]

парк виртуальных развлечений Телепорт, Green city

8 events in Minsk in January 2019 that you can’t skip

The largest virtual entertainment park in Europe, free movies in the cinema, a “hot” exhibition of Spanish artists, meeting with cute cats, pillow fight — these are events in Minsk specially selected for you to have a good time in January 2019! So that you do not miss the chance to […]