7 best events of June in Minsk 2019

where to go in Minsk

So, now is the first summer month, who wants to be at home? There are so many different festivals: open-air cinema, wine festival, fest of radiance, street food in the Botanical Garden; exhibitions about the fashion world from the best French designer, the secrets of women’s accessories; bike tours to historical places of Minsk and much more.

Especially for you — the top 7 events of June 2019, both free and paid, which are worth visiting.

Let’s go together to an unforgettable summer!

Street Food Festival”Vulitsa.Ezha”

vulitsa ezha

What: Street Food Festival

Where: square Kalinina, Botanical Garden

What:  8 and 9 of June from 12:00

Price: free, sets from 7 rubles

The sites of Minsk and Grodno invite their guests to join a new kind of recreation: you could enjoy new format of street food (Picnic) in the Botanical Garden, surrounded by fragrant plants, exuding the true atmosphere of summer.

You are waited for: 
— more than 100 tasty meals on the foodcourt;
— best music;
— hot battles on cooking school from Gefest;
— recreation areas with bars;
— маркет с локальной едой и дизайнерскими вещами;
— Beauty corner;
— a huge children’s area from “Mamslet”;

Where else to spend a pleasant time with family, friends and loved ones?

Ladies stuff

ladies' things

What: exhibition-festival

Where: sq. Svobody15, Art Gallery of Mikhail Savitsky

When: until September 15, from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00.

Price: 5 rubles – for adults
3 rub. – for pensioners and students
2 rub. – for schoolchildren

Art Gallery of Mikhail Savitsky invites guests to the exhibition of women’s accessories from the collection of Igor Surmachevsky«Ladies stuff».

After all, summer is a time not only for entertainment, but also for a small investigation! Why, for example, at your leisure not to reveal a couple of secrets of the “Ladies’ world” of the XVII-XIX centuries?

You are waited for:

  • more than 200 accessories of the XVII-XIX centuries, which were an integral part of the life of a secular lady. Many of them today have become obsolete.
  • boxes with tools for needlework, needle pads – these are the objects from which the women’s things begin (many items are created by hand in a single copy)
  • a collection of plié and breeze fans, as well as Chinese fans.
  • porcelain products of the Meisen and Sevre manufactories: tea and coffee dishes, ladies’ writing instruments. Imagination draws a beautiful young lady behind the secretary.
  • clothes: dress of Austrian Maria Valeria Habsburg (1868-1924), French and English dresses for the boardwalk and ceremonial receptions, half boots, mitts, boudoir and homemade mules, evening shoes.
  • the fruit cup of Pavel Alexandrovich Romanov, a sweets-cup with the emblems of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Electors of Saxon, the seal, the seal with the emblem of the former owner of the estate Abdank Abdank, Yury Kobylinsky, and a plate from the wedding set with the arms of the German Emperor Friedrich III and the English princess Victoria Adelaida Maria Theys-Thessary-of-the-three-year-old Thee of Thessa-Esthenis -Gyssée and much more.

“Magnificent” Francoise Yugier

"Magnificent" Francoise Yugier

What: retrospective exhibition of photographs

Where: sq. Pobeditelej 20, Falcon Club

When: from 11 of June till 30 of June from 10:00 till 22:00

Price: free
Francoise Yugier is one of the best photographers in the world, whose favorite story is the world of fashion. “Women’s wear”, “Marie Claire”, DS order her fashion series. She created works for the advertising campaigns of brands Mugler, Lanvin, Lacroix. Are you interested? From June 11, the “Magnificent” exhibition by Francoise Yugier opens in the Falcon Club.

Her stories are about unfinished, unwired, unstitched beauty, as yet uncut. Yugier only captures dresses, completely ignoring the faces of the models.

“Promoted top models are not at all interesting for me. I want to return to the fashion its true meaning: to show clothes, labor of a couturier, and not faces. They say that fashion is transient, but what I photograph, in fact, outside of fashion, is simply amazingly beautiful works of art”, –  Francoise Yugier says.

Critics say that Francoise Yugier, ignoring the requirements of the fashion business, shows the very essence of the art of fashion.

Wine market

Wine market festival

What: wine festival

Where: str. Revolyucionnaya 30, Wine cabinet              

When:  8 of June from 12:00 till 16:00

Price: free.

If you love wine and everything connected with it, then you definitely should wvisit that place! From 12 to 16 hours in the Wine cabinet will be a unique event for the “wine” fans.

You are waited for:

The winner will be awarded with a prize from the WINE shop.

Learn more about best festivals of Belarus in 2019.

Fest S.

music festival

What: music festival

Where: str. Oktyabr’skaya 19, The territory of the former leather factory

When:  8 of June at 19:00

Price: from 13 to 25 rubles (The price includes Ballantines Shot)

A complete musical “breakaway” waits for you on the authentic site of the “Old Factory” and the club “Hide”: a lineup with experimental sets from festival guests from Germany and Russia.

Schwefeldelb – festival headliners from Germany, representatives of aufnahme + wiedergabe labels ! Jonas Förster и Philipp Graf — genre leaders EBM and Electroclash.

Shadowax (Mira Karyanova) will present the Russian electronic scene.

Shuma — оne of the most progressive and rapidly gaining popularity of Belarusian groups, pleasantly surprising for its development and experimentation.

Will also perform:
Budzko, Raketka, Niamiha aka Yashar Gasanov, Odis, Marmo, Odeb, P1nkp1ll and etc.

An evening concert on the street will smoothly go into “Hide” by night, and the street stage, equipped with a high-class sound system, will “light up” until the morning! Food court and bars will work throughout the festival.

“Pushkin village”

Pushkinsky settlement

What: bicycle tour

Where: at the parade in the Botanical Garden

When:  20 of June at 18:30

Price: 10 — 15 rub.

Summer is time for active rest!

A bit of historical background from the organizers: “In 1937, part of the Borisov tract near the Chelyuskintsev park was renamed Pushkin Street to the 100th anniversary of the poet’s death. Pushkin village, located nearby – is not only atmospheric quarters of Stalin’s times, but also a place of the Nazi camp for Soviet prisoners of war and German pillboxes. And also – a lot of interesting stories about the famous restaurant “Stone Flower”, Partizan cinema, Pushkin barracks and Cheluskintsev park. The cycling tour will start from the gates of the Botanical Garden, on the site of which 150 years ago there was a tavern with the corresponding name “Paradise”. So, see you at the gates to Paradise! ”

Nearest Excursions:

7:06, 18-30 Minsk. The best: a sightseeing bike tour

12:06, 18-30 rock’n’roll bike tour

20:06, 18-30 Pushkinsky village: on the outskirts of the interwar Minsk

30.06, 14-30 Minsk New Martyrs: Orthodox Church in the 1920s-1950s (Walking)

Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema

What: film screening

Where: Upper Town, the courtyard of the hotel “Monastyrsky”, str. Kirilla i Mefodiya, 6

When: 8 June at 21:30

Price:  free      

The project Open Air CINEMA continues its work in the Upper Town from the KinoMinsk cinema chain.

Saturday show will be held in honor of the “Day of multinational Russia”. Soviet cinema from Konstantin Voinov 1964 – “The Marriage of Balzaminov” (starring Lyudmila Gurchenko, Georgy Vitsin, Lyudmila Shaglova, Nikolai Kryuchkov).

Briefly about the story:

The petty official Balzaminov wants to marry – and obligatorily to the rich. Funny situations, in which every now and then a hero turns out to be trying to find a bride, make up the plot of one of the most popular Soviet films.

Are you planning to visit Minsk? So you should read this.

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