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Top youth places in Brest that are worth visiting

Brest is a famous historical city of Belarus. On the territory of Brest there are many attractions: the memorial complex Brest fortress, numerous museums, cozy places for leisurely walks. You can read about this in our article here. On this page you will find some places of a different plan: […]

Mercedes driving around Belarus

Everything You Need to Know About Driving in Belarus

Tourists from all over the world visit Belarus every year. It’s a beautiful country that has a rich culture, beautiful attractions, and much else to offer. While there are many options for getting around Belarus, many people choose to use cars. Traveling by car gives you the freedom to explore […]

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Top 8 best events of September in Minsk 2019

Here came the first month of autumn. But this is not the time for sadness, because it’s time for Minsk to plunge into the best autumn events! In September you will have: a sensual statement of love “Arche & Ket”, relax evening from MuzzicLETO in the Botanic garden, a music […]

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Belarus Camping Guide: 5 Amazing Spots for Your Tent & RV

Summer is the best time for camping, especially in Belarus — our country is called “blue-eyed”, because there are more than 10 thousand lakes and 20 thousand rivers in the country! Just imagine: wild lakes, dense forests, hiking ecological trails and amazingly fresh air. Gather your best friends, pack a […]