Top 9 events of October in Minsk 2019 which you should visit

night Minsk in autumn

Although Minsk is under the cool weather and rains — October has brought to Minsk a lot of bright moments!

We have selected the best autumn events, which you should visit: beer craft festival, burning flamenco, an exhibition about architecture, coffee party on the eve of the jazz festival, an exhibition about the most important issues of the world, powerful line-up 1-2-3-4, week of modern Japanese cinema, Belarusian fashion week, concert of Blockhead, Arms and Sleepers, Yppah and much more.

So, the top 9 events of October 2019, both free and paid, which are worth visiting.

Flamenco Vivo (6+)

flamenco festival in Minsk

What: flamenco festival

Where: str. Moskovskaya 18 а, Youth variety theatre

When: 5 of October at 19:00

Price for entrance: from 22,5 till 32,5 rub.

Passionate, passionate, sexy, energetic – this is how you can describe the Spanish flamenco dance, which originated in the small villages of Andalusia from the particles of Arab, Jewish-Sephardic, Spanish and Gypsy cultures.

Spaniards say that the first prototype of Flamenco appeared when attracting attention, as a way of fighting for their opinion, their love, their right to happiness. Through this dance, his ancestor expressed all his feelings, proved to others that he was worthy, without the help of a sword or fists. So, of course, and entertained the audience in the evenings. After all, Spain-the land of wine and friendly families.

So, live flamenco, Flamenco Vivo, from the ensemble “Cafe Cantante” will be held in Minsk on 5 of October.

You have a great opportunity to “warm up” Andalusian art of flamenco dance without visa.

VI Minsk Craft Beer Fest (18+)

VI Minsk Craft Beer Fest

What: craft beer festival

Where: str. Oktyabrskaya 16, corpus 27, Ок16

When: 5 of October at 14:00.

Price for entrance: from 25 rub

The festival of craft beer gathers Minsk residents and its guests in the capital for the 6th year. Beer tasting lovers are invited to the new format of the festival on October 5: 2 tasting sessions, where each of the 40 representatives of Breweries will present up to 4 varieties of their own beer.

This season beer lovers are offered bright beer novelties created specifically for the 6th festival CRAFT BEER.

Change of “cranes” is scheduled for 6 PM. You can also take part in lectures and master classes on the manufacture of beer (think about it, you will discover some of the secrets of making beer at home!), you can play Board games and have a snack on the large food court.

In addition, on the territory of The ok16 cluster there are cozy sitting areas for relaxation under pleasant music and conversations about beer masterpieces from Belarusian and foreign masters. Each guest will receive a gift from the organizers of the company’s glass VI craft festival and 3 beer jettons “bir-coin”. Yes, Yes, they can be exchanged for beer.

XJAZZ: coffee party (16+)

XJAZZ free coffee party in Minsk

What: coffee fest

Where: av. Nezavisimosti 95, Coffee 1801

When: 1 of October at 20:00

Price for entrance: free

Before the international music festival XJAZZ Minsk 2019 (it will be held from 8 to 10 of November) you can not do without a thematic evening, especially on the international day of music and coffee! Namely, XJAZZ: COFFEE PARTY in the format of “drink and music” in the coffee shop 1801. Comfort, jazz and coffee.

On this autumn pre-jazz evening in the coffee shop you can enjoy a festive set of warm brownies with ice cream and spicy coffee drink Jagermeister Burch Coffee at a special price.

Mikhail Filipenya (a favorite of the audience of last year’s XJAZZ Minsk 2018, guitarist of the legendary jazz band Apple Tea) will join the celebration with a solo performance in the evening at 8 o’clock.

The surprises do not end there: after Mikhail’s performance among the guests of the event we will hold a raffle of invitation tickets for XJAZZ Minsk 2019!

It’s time to give yourself and your loved ones new emotions!

Learn more about best festivals of Belarus in 2019.

Blockhead, Arms and Sleepers, Yppah (16+)

Blockhead, Arms and Sleepers, Yppah

What: jazz festival

Where: str. Oktjabr’skaja 16, Hooligan bar

When: 13 of October at 19:00

Price for entrance: from 30 rub

This concert is for those who have been waiting for something really worthwhile from electronic music. After all, at once 3 projects go to Minsk:

Blockhead (hip-hop producer and musician from America, resident of the cult label Ninja Tune) with the producer of Ninja Tune Yppah (musician from Texas). And also as guests will be cool electronic Association straight from Boston — Arms And Sleepers.

The city of tomorrow (16+)

an exhibition The city of tomorrow

What: an exhibition

Where: str. Kozlova 3, Zal#2

When: till 23 of October from 11 till 20:00 (except Monday)

Price for entrance: from 3 to 6 rub.

What secrets keeps the architecture of the USSR? The exhibition “City of tomorrow” raises topical issues of construction and history of the time.

From pioneer camps and art workers ‘ homes to wedding palaces: the activities and legacy of Soviet urban planning and architecture still define the landscape of cities in the former Soviet Union.

The roots of this culture of construction must be sought in the avant-garde movements of the interwar period, especially in the processing of Bauhaus and UNOVIS. Soviet modernism was the subject of a new traveling exhibition of the Goethe Institute.

Soviet cities and their architecture were developed as a model for a new society. This architecture was to convey a sense of social community throughout the USSR. An exhibition “City of tomorrow” explores the architectural embodiment of alternative social concepts that have simultaneously emancipatory, repressive, colonial elements.

The greatest attention is paid to the development of modernist Soviet architecture and its modern heritage, including the main representatives, local specificity of cities and unknown masterpieces.

Japanese contemporary film week (16+)

Japanese contemporary film week

What: Japanese cinema

Where: str. Jengel’sa 20, “Pioneer” cinema

When: from 2 till 4 of October from 19:00, 5 and 6 of October at 16:00

Price for entrance: free

The hour of the festival of Japanese culture “Japanese autumn in Belarus 2019” has come in Minsk. During the festival, guests are invited to visit the Week of modern Japanese cinema: 5 films about the life of the land of the rising sun.

Few about the program:

2 of October at 19:00

«The story of the samurai cook: a True love story» / bushi no kondatе

It is a drama about the mysteries of samurai cuisine in the era Edo Dannai Funaki.

Talented cook and maid in one person-Haru-receives proposal from “kitchen samurai” clan Kaga Dennai, Yes not a simple! Kaga offers girls withdraw married for his son and heir Yasunobu. The girl accepts the offer and tries to teach her husband the basics of cooking.

3 of October at 19:00

«Who comes from the sea» / umi wo kakeru

Already from the name, it is possible to understand that the drama will reveal the themes of nature and humanity through beautiful seascapes and friendship, which is not an important nationality or religion.

Guy found unconscious on the coast of Banda Aceh in Indonesia. Takako and her son Takashi, working on disaster recovery projects, decide to give him the name ” Rau “(which is Indonesian for” sea”) and take him under their”wing”.

4 of October at 19:00

«Laundering of apartments» / room laundering

It is a fantasy comedy about the not quite normal operation: after the heroes have to live in apartments with a bad reputation to destroy the traces of the past unpleasant incidents. Orphan Miko Yakumo got just such a job to ” launder apartments.” Girl is beginning to to see ghosts, full regrets, and gives those advice to address their problems.

5 of October at 16:00

«Fujiko: pianist of silence and solitude» / fuzjko hemming no jikan

A documentary about pianist Fujiko hemming, who gained worldwide recognition at the age of 60. This story is about the present and future of a woman who follows her dream despite her age, hearing loss and other barriers.

This film will also show the real Fujiko: excerpts from her performances in different cities around the world and home scenes surrounded by beloved cats.

6 of October at 16:00

«Destiny: The Story Of Kamakura» / destiny: kamakura monogatari

The story of Kamakura is a film adaptation of the best-selling manga by Rehei Saigan.

The ancient capital of kamakura is a city where people live together with ghosts, demons, gods and Buddhas. A young girl Akiko marries the mystic writer Masakazu Isshiki of Kamakura.

The girl is amazed by the view of the unusual city and enjoys her life and her beloved husband. However, something happens, and Akiko has to make a difficult journey to the afterlife.

All films are shown in the original language, but, of course, with Russian subtitles.

Tickets for the show can be purchased on the day after 12 hours absolutely free.

1234 w/ DJ 1985 (18+)

music party in Hide

What: music party

Where: bar Hide, str. Октябрьская 19, корпус 4

When: 11 of October from 23: 00

Price: First 100 tickets — 8 rubles. (with sticker as a gift)

With repost posters: before 00: 00 — 10 rubles, after — 15 rubles.

Without attention to the event — 20 rubles.

Wow, a powerful party of the 1-2-3-4 formation is planned on the night of October 11. All the party people — get it there.

Participate: Gaamer from Crave.dig, Morgotika — project creator of Mechta, Salut 80 and Verde.

A special guest of the hot line-up will be the walking encyclopedia of dance underground DJ 1985. This DJ from Russia is constantly experimenting with new names and genres: DJ XXXX-ghetto house music, DJ 1992 and DJ 1993-breakbeat and hardcore, DJ 0000-ambient and DJ 303-classic acid sound. Visual content and scenery will be taken by the VJs from Ultravisual Gang.

Belarus Fashion Week (16+)

Belarus Fashion Week 19 season in minsk

What: fashion show

Wherе: str. P. Mstislavca 12, House “Michelangel”

When: from 14 to 20 of October from 12: 00 to 22: 00

Price: free, but registration is required 

Season 19 of Belarus Fashion Week has begun! All lovers of everything new are invited to the house “Michelangelo” in the lighthouse of Minsk, where the first temporary shopping center of Belarusian fashion, zones with shows and installations will be located on 3 levels at once. There is also a free educational platform.

Briefly about the program:

  • 5 days of exclusive fashion shows: BALUNOVA Fashion Design Studio, NELVA by HUAWEI, Natalia Korzh, DAVIDOVA inspired by HUAWEI, T.Efremova, Historia Naturalis, Hmylko, Scapegoat_404 by HUAWEI, WOMEN Fashion Brand, Jovanas Couture, Candy Lady, Totti Swimwear.
  • Ethical Fashion Show(Jamido and the winner of the competition New Names Belarus Fashion Week – Ksenia Gest).
  • presentation of innovative startups in the fashion industry Fashion Tech Hub
  • free educational platform Belarus Fashion Forum: Sustainable Fashion with speakers from Germany, Sweden, Russia and Belarus (supported by the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy in Belarus).
  • daily sessions of famous fashion figures from Belarus, Ukraine, Great Britain in the Fashion Talks format.
  • shopping with Belarusian designers, whom you will never see at fashion markets within the framework of Belarus Fashion Week Festival. All buyers as a gift – fashion accessory.
  • free makeup artist consultations at Mary Kay beauty corner and presentation of the new TimeWise 3D product.
  • Leone Fashion Party.

Presence (18+)

The exhibition "Presence"

What: an exhibition

Where: str. Nekrasova 3, National center for contemporary arts

When: from October 3 to November 10 from 12: 00 to 22: 00 (weekends: Monday and Tuesday)

Price: standard ticket — 5 rubles., preferential — 2 rubles..

The exhibition “Presence” for those who think about what is happening around him. After all, a person changes everything around him: nature, cities, society, and so on. Whether it is good or bad depends on each person, and on all mankind as a whole.

Guests are welcome to see:

  • Installation “540” (by Alexey Kuzmich) – inverted world of post-truth. Using the principle of the crossword, the artist shows that that lie is a colossal tool of the modern world, regulating society. After all, in our world there is so little time for analysis and awareness of feelings.
  • The work “I Believe in you, Google and AI” by the same author (Alexey Kuzmich) reflects an experiment with Google-translator algorithms: you will be visualized the emergence of a new world religion of the cult of the brand and confirmation of doubts about the” adequacy ” and omnipotence of modern technologies. Who are we and where are we from? Society is dominated by the cult of things with the right to exchange for the object of the cult-money.
  • Works of the artist Roman Kaminsky: the author uses bright shades in painting, symbolizing temptations and brands, which, according to the author, gradually replace the original perception of the surrounding reality.
  • The project “TERRA” by Alexey Naumenko raises environmental issues. The artist uses a mirror and glass in combination with natural materials (wood, coal, pigments) as the basis for his monumental panels. Metaphysically, the mirror reflects the viewer, thereby drawing his attention to the individual responsibility to global changes.
  • The project from Alexandra Parmon “Mirror” — painting and body art. With this project, you will be able to drop all social boundaries, limitations of logic and principles, plunge into the game of reflection and feelings.
  • Illustrations from the Swedish artist Sarah Lundberg to the book “the Bird in me flies where he wants” will tell the viewer about the childhood of the artist Bertha Hansen and teach to follow his dream in spite of obstacles and crises.

Are you planning to visit Minsk? So you should read this.

It was the top 9 events in Minsk in October 2019. In order not to miss the top of the next month, follow us on social networks!

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