minsk panorama on sunrise

Price of 1 Day Visit in Minsk: Cheapest City in Europe

Minsk is an lesser-known city in Eastern Europe, which is visited less often than the capitals of the neighboring countries. Nevertheless, the city has many special and interesting attractions that are worth visiting. Based on the “Three-Star Traveler Index” and “Backpacker Index”, Minsk is one of the cheapest cities in […]

Big lake you should visit in Belarus in summer, national park

5 Things You Can Only Do in Belarus This Summer

Summer is the best time to visit Belarus. In the warmest season, it is difficult not to get overwhelmed by the variety of activities both in the cities and on the nature. To help you choose the best things to do in Belarus this summer, the guest blogger Courtney McCaffrey from […]

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Top 10 Coffee Shops in Minsk: Where to Try the Best coffee

Previously, metropolitan coffee-connoisseurs were forced to independently brew coffee, while being in constant search for quality grains. The existing networks of coffee houses did not satisfy the demand, and, most importantly, could not provide coffee lovers with really tasty drinks.  Over time, the situation has changed for the better and […]

Loshitsky Park panorama

Loshitsa Park. The most beautiful park in Minsk

You, dear travelers, have probably already seen the sights of our capital, visited the Upper City, strolled across the Trinity suburb and the Botanical Garden, visited various museums and tried Belarusian dishes. But, there is one more place that certainly deserves your attention. Far from the tourists’ “beaten path” there […]

такси в аэропорт минск

How to get from the Airport to Minsk

National Airport of Belarus is located 40 kilometers away from Minsk, and the road to the city can be tedious, especially after a long flight. To prevent make your trip smoother, you need to think ahead about possible options and the cost of the trip. In this article, we will […]

Kossovo castle in Belarus from afar

Puslovskys Palace in Kossovo: All You Need to Know

The Puslovskys Palace on the outskirts of the town of Kossovo (or Kosava) has no analogues in Belarus. Its neo-Gothic style of the middle of the 19th century is absolutely unique. It consists of twelve towers that rise above the two-story building of the palace itself. The towers have dentate […]

Learn Russian in Belarus: Courses and Degrees

Learning Russian is an integral part of adaptation in Belarus. Knowing the Russian language you can go to university, get a job and just live comfortably in any of the cities. Of course, you can try to learn Russian by yourself, but this will take many years, because Russian is […]