Top 5 Places Where to Celebrate the New Year in Minsk

new year in minsk, 2019, where to celebrateThe period of New Year’s and Christmas holidays is a time when numerous restaurants, hotels and agro-homesteads open their doors to all who dream of spending holidays fun and interesting. We have compiled our list of the best places in the capital, where you can meet the New Year or Christmas with friends and family!

Restaurants and Bars

The first thing that comes to mind, if you want to celebrate a holiday outside the house – all kinds of restaurants and bars, which in Minsk are hundreds, if not thousands. The capital offers restaurants for every taste and budget: from an Irish pub to a cozy bakery. Many of them offer special New Year programs, and some restaurants have already set prices: for example, to celebrate the New Year in the restaurant “Kukhmistr” will cost 240 rubles per person, in “Plan B” – from 120 rubles.

cozy bar in minsk, plan b, minsk

In the “Plan B” for the celebration of the New Year prepared a festive program with a real Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, karaoke and disco. Food and entertainment are included in the price.

The bar has three rooms with a total capacity of 140 people. “Plan B” offers placing in any of 3 rooms: 180 rubles per person to the place in general room, 160 rubles for VIP-room, 120 rubles for the table near the bar. Interior is made in a loft-style, with dark tones and muted light.

In “Kukhmistr” usually there are always a couple of places for a noisy meeting of the New Year, if you book them a month before the holiday. The festive menu includes cold snacks and salads, hot snacks and meals, and alcoholic beverages are also included. With the agreement, alcohol can be brought with you. The show program announced Santa Claus and Snegurka, disco, prizes and surprises from the restaurant. You can celebrate the New Year in «Kukhmistr» with the whole family, with your loved one or with a big company. The restaurant has several rooms with a capacity of 30 and 60 people. Chip: vip-room for 10 people. The menu serves dishes of Lithuanian and Belarusian cuisine.

popular restaurant in minsk, kuchmistr

Also pay attention to the restaurant «Olimpia» in the hotel «Victoria Olimp», it offers a New Year program for 180 rubles for people, that’ve rent a room in the hotel. For other guests – 200 rubles.

«Robinson сlub» offers a festive night on the beatch of Minsk sea from 290 to 400 rubles.

If you want something unusual, then we propose to spend a New Year’s Eve in the restaurant-brewery “Friends”. There will be much entertainment. You can participate in famous shows like Dancing, Looking for Talents, Voice, Guess the Melody. In the restaurant will be a lot of music and nice prizes. No one will leave without a gift! The music program will cost 40 rubles per person, food and drinks are charged separately.

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Bathhouses and Saunas

Meet the New Year in the sauna will be even cheaper than in most restaurants – approximately from 80 rubles per person – and in many cases more fun and heartfelt. We recommend the sauna “Gracia”, which was recognized as the best sauna in the city. There are 2 steam rooms and a small swimming pool for dipping. In the recreation area – a large banquet table, audio and video equipment, sun loungers on which you can relax after the steam room, a kitchenette with everything you need. In the street there is a covered arbor with barbecue facilities.

vip bath in minsk, bath, hot

We also recommend the bathhouse “Ban’ka-Luban’ka” (village El’nica, Shabany), because you will be provided with a large steam room, a swimming pool, two lounges with a fireplace, audio and video equipment and a dining room, a closed courtyard, a convenient parking lot. The bath is heated with birch firewood, so the steam there is especially good, and the water in the pool has the right temperature.

bath in minsk, men, evo, club, vip

For connoisseurs of the premium segment, we recommend the men’s wellness club “Evo” wiht russian bathhouse. Visiting on a par with all the clients of the club, but there is a vip-room for rest with a capacity of up to 10 people. Kamenka for the bath was made up by specialists  from the Moscow guild of stoves. The bath is heated, however, with gas. But there are two and a half tons of pig iron, which are heated from the furnace almost reddish and then within 24 hours they give out the most pleasant steam.


The prices for renting a farmstead even far from Minsk seem sky-high, but if you go by a big company, the cost becomes comparable to a New Year’s night at a restaurant or hotel, and sometimes even cheaper.

homestead in minsk, agro, belarus

The homestead “Dary Velesa” in the Minsk region offers a rent for $210 per day in the period from December 31 to January 3. In a company of 10 people, it turns out, everyone will pay $21 per day. The price includes breakfast and lunch, but the New Year’s banquet is paid separately – $25.

Some estates offer rent not for rent, but for the whole New Year period. For example, the “Solnechnaya Dolina” estate – $1000 for the period from December 30 to January 2 ($1000 for 3 days – $333 per day), baths are free of charge. The farmhouse accommodates 10 people, that is, every vacationer in a large company will pay $33 per day.

Another proposal – also from December 31 to January 2 – three-tier house “Maentak Ulese” on the company to 22 people for $500 per day. That is from $23 per day per person. Promise a bath, billiards, air hockey, karaoke and a spacious banquet hall. The house is places at the forest, in a quiet place. It is ideal, yea?


If you decide to celebrate the New Year in the hotel, then for some time you will feel like a tourist in your own city. And to some extent it’s even nice. Plus such a holiday in its complexity: you will spend the night in a comfortable room, have dinner in a good restaurant surrounded by pleasant people, and in the morning there is nothing better than a good breakfast and swimming in the hotel pool, when you don’t need to wash dishes and your house.

restaurant in hotel minsk, president hotel

Pay attention to the “President Hotel” and “Renaissance Hotel”. Cooks in Renessance have made special New Year menu. Recall also that the standard number for 1 adult is 440 rubles per day, for two adults it costs 710 rubles.

luxury hotel in minsk, hotel

The price includes the New Year’s program, as well as late breakfasts on 1 January. In addition to accommodation, guests can visit the swimming pool, gym, sauna and jacuzzi.

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Ski Resorts

For fans of active recreation ski resorts offer to celebrate the New Year, for example, for 500 rubles for two for the period from December 31 to January 2. The price contains of breakfasts and dinners, as well as a New Year’s banquet. Unfortunately, all the “activities” – skis, skating rink and billiards – for an additional fee.

ski resort silichi, snow

The most popular resort, of course, the famous “Silichi”. The resort is located 32 km from Minsk along the M3 highway in the Logoysky direction. If you do not have your own transport, you can get there by bus from the Moskovsky bus station.

It is an ideal plase to celebrate New Year with children, because there will be special program with Santa Claus and a lot of games. Also there will be a music consert.

Living in “Silichi” will cost you from 200 rubles to 330 rubles for 2 person. Guest can use grill court, bathhouses with billiards.

In “Silichi” there are six ski slopes with a difference of peaks up to 100 meters. Among them – for adults and kids with ski jumps. Here you can go skating, sledging, tubing and snowmobiles, running on cross-country skiing – in general, everyone will find something to do for themselves. The necessary equipment can be taken at the rental office.

ski resort in minsk, logoysk

Another not less popular ski resort in the Minsk region is “Logoisk”. It is located along the same path as Silichi, just a little further. Without a personal car, you can also get there from the Moskovsky bus station.

Prices for the cozy house will be from 60 rubles a day for 2 person. You can visit russian bathhouse and even lear new tipe of bathhouses – dark bathhouse. It is vert rere tipe nowadays. But is is very goos for the health!

In “Logoisk” you can ride on five routes with a difference of heights to 82 meters. The slopes are equipped with a cable car and a ski lift. There is a training slope for beginners and tubing.

At the rental office you can take a full set of ski equipment. A snowboard kit is available at the same prices. And, of course, every thing can be rented separately.


We hope that our article will help you choose the best place to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays in Minsk. We wish you a pleasant stay. Congratulations on the coming New Year!

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