Top 16 Hotels for an Amazing Stay in Minsk This Year

Hotel Europe in Minsk in the evening 

Looking for a suitable hotel to stay in Minsk?

To help you plan a trip to the capital of Belarus, we decided to make a full overview of the best accommodation options in Minsk.

If you find it difficult to choose a place to stay in the capital, check out our rating of the best 3, 4 and 5-star hotels where you can spend the night.

In order for you to fully evaluate the best hotels in Minsk, we will also write their ratings and reviews on popular booking websites, as well as their addresses and prices for various types of rooms.

This is an absolutely independent review; we don’t get paid by hotels for posting materials about them.

What kind of hotels are there in Minsk

Futuristic Renaissance hotel in Minsk

In 2014, the Ice Hockey World Championship was held in Minsk, and by this time a large number of hotels, both private and public, were built and repaired in the capital.

Find out the price of one day in Minsk

Nevertheless, there are still hotels that haven’t changed much in appearance since the Soviet Union times, or which simply could not be repaired well enough to hide the old (and not very nice) features.

Orbita hotel in Minsk outside in the evening

Despite this, on most popular hotel booking sites, many of them also have positive ratings. Perhaps from the times when people had lower requirements for a place to stay.

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We decided to select the best hotels in Minsk, where it is really pleasant to stay in order to fully enjoy your trip to Belarus. Check out our overview of the best hotels in Minsk.

Prices (in Belarusian rubles) and ratings are taken from the website, where you can find the most complete list of accommodation options in Minsk.

Tip: We recommend to book hotel rooms in advance, as closer to the date of your stay, the price will get higher, and the number of available places will decrease.

3-Star Hotels in Minsk

So, let’s start with a cheaper and more budget option for an overnight stay, namely, with 3-star hotels.

Find out what the hotel stars really mean.

Hampton by Hilton Minsk City Centre

Rating: 9,0Hampton by Hilton Minsk city center hotel outside

Address: Tolstogo 8

Price of a room for one: from 167 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 167 BYN

One of the Hilton hotels in Minsk. It is located right near the railway station of the capital. From there it is convenient to get to the center of Minsk by metro or by taxi.

If you like to walk, then 1 kilometer to Independence Square and 4 km to the historical center of Minsk will not frighten you.

Hotel Hampton by Hilton, modern interior of a hotel in Minsk

The hotel is designed in modern minimalist style. It has a business center, a restaurant, and a fitness center.

Hampton by Hilton, hotel room view, places to stay in Minsk

The rooms, which also have a strict but stylish minimalist interior, have a working space, an electric kettle, air conditioning, and an iron with ironing board.

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Slavyanskaya Hotel

Rating: 8,6Slavyanskaya Hotel in Minsk

Address: Narochanskaya 6

Price of a room for one: from 114 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 133 BYN

Hotel Slavyanskaya was one of the hotels built in Minsk for the Ice Hockey World Championship. It is located outside the center of Minsk, but near the Minsk-Arena sports complex, and a picturesque Drozdy reservoir and park.

Slavyanskaya hotel interior

The hotel has a common lounge and a restaurant serving European and Belarusian cuisine. There is also parking nearby, and in case of major events in Minsk-Arena, you will definitely have a place for your car.

Slavyanstkaya hotel room, Minsk hotels overview

The rooms have a desk, a flat-screen TV (but you don’t have to turn it on, Minsk will completely captivate you ;)) and air conditioning. Rooms are made in relaxing shades of beige.

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Bon Hotel Minsk

Rating: 9,1Bonhotel building in Minsk

Address: Pritytskogo 2

Price of a room for one: from 91 BYN

Price of a room for one: from 97 BYN

The Bon Hotel is located about 4 kilometers away from the historical center of Minsk, but the Pushkinskaya metro station is only 350 meters far. It is also convenient and very inexpensive to get to the center by taxi.

Bon Hotel hall, interior

Modern minimalist design that still gives the coziness and comfort of a small hotel outside the city center. There are a snack bar and a restaurant on site. The latter serves a buffet breakfast.

Bon Hotel room Minsk

Rooms are equipped with a small fridge, air conditioning, safe and flat-screen TV.

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Polonez Hotel

Rating: 9,5Polonez hotel in insk entrance

Address: Pashkevich 3

Price of a room for one: from 127 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 159 BYN

Hotel with a great location right behind the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater and very close to the Upper Town and the Trinity Suburb.

Polonez hotel interior, minsk best hotels

Behind an unremarkable entrance, there is a magnificent interior made in pastel colors. There are a bar and a restaurant on site, where a continental breakfast is served in the morning (which is very well ranked by visitors).

Polonez hotel room, best places to stay in Minsk, Belarus

Cozy rooms, among other facilities, are equipped with air conditioning, a safe, a work desk and a flat-screen TV.

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Orbita Hotel

Rating: 8,6Orbita hotel in the evening

Address: Pushkin avenue 39

Price of a room for one: from 65 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 74 BYN

One of the old hotels in Minsk, which had an excellent renovation for the 2014 World Cup, and now it meets a much higher standard than before.

It is located slightly away from the city center, but only 50 meters from the Pushkinskaya metro station.

Orbita Hotel hall in Minsk

Hotel features that are worth noting are a cafe-pizzeria and a bar, as well as a strip club. There is also a banquet room and a conference room.

Orbita hotel room Minsk

The rooms have a fan and heater, as well as a TV, hairdryer and working space. This is a cheap and quite good option for an overnight stay in Minsk.

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Monastyrskij Hotel Minsk

Rating: 8,9Monastyrskij Hotel in Minsk city center

Address: Cyril and Methodius Street 6

Price of a room for one: from 159 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 203 BYN

Monastyrskij is another hotel located in the heart of the historical center of Minsk. Cyril and Methodius Street is one of the main streets of the upper town, which leads to Freedom Square with the Minsk City Hall and the Orthodox Cathedral among other remarkable buildings.

Monastyrskij reception, best hotels in Minsk

The unique atmosphere of the monastery adds effect and provides an unforgettable experience. The hotel has a restaurant, a fitness center, and a bar, and there is also a paid parking lot on site. From additional services, the hotel organizes tours, as well as transfer to and from the airport.

Monastyrskij hotel room Minsk

The rooms are soundproofed (which is important in the very center of the city), they have flat-screen TVs, safe, fridge, hairdryer, and the price also includes breakfast.

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Belarus Hotel

Rating: 8,6Belarus Hotel outside

Address: Storozhevskaya 15

Price of a room for one: from 137 BYN

Price of a room for one: from 156 BYN

Hotel Belarus is one of the most famous and first hotels in Minsk, which is located near the Svisloch River and a beautiful park next to it. The Trinity Suburb, the Bolshoi Theater, and many other sights can be reached within a 5-minute walk.

Restaurant in Belarus hotel

The hotel has a swimming pool and a fitness center, which can be used at an additional cost. There is also a restaurant and a free parking. The hotel also organizes city tours.

Belarus hotel room, best places to stay in Minsk

In the rooms, you will have your own small living room, flat-screen TV, hairdryer and many standard amenities.

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4-Star Hotels in Minsk

Apart from two hotels with 2 stars, 4-star hotels are the least numerous category of accommodation in Minsk.

Victoria Hotel & Spa Minsk

Rating: 8,7Victoria hotel and Spa in Minsk outside

Address: Pobeditelej avenue 59А

Price of a room for one: from 186 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 220 BYN

This hotel is located pretty close to the center, and across the road from the huge and beautiful Victory Park with a Komsomol Lake.

Victoria Hotel & Spa Hall Minsk

On-site facilities include a restaurant, a bar, a mini market, a spa, a sauna, and an indoor pool.

Victoria Hotel & Spa luxury room, Minsk best hotels

The rooms have air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a safe and a minibar. From the hotel room windows you can admire the view of the lake.

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Minsk Hotel

Rating: 8,7Minsk Hotel entrance

Address: Independence avenue 11

Price of a room for one: from 158 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 197 BYN

Hotel Minsk is located on Independence Avenue, next to Independence Square, where the parliament building and the church of Saints Simeon and Helena are located. Also, under the square, there is a modern shopping center. This is a popular place to stay in Minsk among business people. The historic city center is also close, about 1-2 kilometers away.

Minsk hotel reception

The hotel has a gym and two elegant restaurants with wall paintings. Breakfast is served in buffet style.

Minsk hotel room

The rooms are furnished with classic furniture and the bathroom is in marble. All rooms have a flat-screen TV, and most of them have a balcony.

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Gubernsky Hotel

Rating: 9,0Gubernskij hotel entrance in Minsk, Belarus

Address: Osvobozhdenija 9

Price of a room for one: from 171 BYN

Price of a room for one: from 214 BYN

Hotel Gubernsky has an excellent location in the city center, but not next to the busy streets and avenues. Due to this, you will not be disturbed by the noise in the room. There are Nemiga Street, Upper Town, and the Trinity Suburb nearby.

Gubernsky hotel inside

In the hotel, you can book a tour around Minsk or rent a car to explore the city and the country on your own. A buffet breakfast is served in the hotel’s restaurant.

Gubernsky hotel room in Minsk city center

The rooms are well soundproofed, have a flat-screen TV, minibar, safe, hairdryer, air conditioning, and other amenities.

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5-Star Hotels in Minsk

We now turn to the best luxury and exclusive hotels in Minsk, which deserve 5 stars.

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Crowne Plaza Minsk Hotel

Rating: 8,0Crowne Plaza hotel in Minsk outside

Address: Kirova 13

Price of a room for one: from 214 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 214 BYN

A hotel that has already earned respect in Minsk. Some time has passed since it was built as part of the IHG hotel group. Moreover, as a bonus, Crowne Plaza participates in the IHG Club bonus program, which allows you to collect points in company hotels all over the world and stay in hotels for free.

Crowne Plaza is located in the city center, 5-10 minutes walk from newer streets and districts of the city, such as K. Marks Street and Independence Avenue, and about 1.5 km from the historic center of Minsk.Crowne Plaza banqueting hall in Minsk

Unique features of the hotel include a casino inside, and in addition a sauna and a swimming pool. For breakfast – a large selection of dishes in buffet format.
Crowne Plaza Minsk luxury hotel room

The rooms have air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, wooden floors, and through the large windows you can admire a beautiful view of Minsk.

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Europe Hotel

Rating: 9,0Europe hotel in Minsk in the evening

Address: Internatsionalnaya 28

Price of a room for one: from 279 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 348 BYN

Hotel Europe is a traditional hotel that was one of the first in the city but has recently been completely renovated.

The hotel is located in the very center of Minsk opposite to the city hall. Trinity Suburb and Nemiga Street can be reached in 3-5 minutes.

Minsk Europe Hotel hall

This elite 5-star hotel has an indoor pool, hammam, sauna, fitness center, and a restaurant.

Europa hotel in Minsk luxury hotel room

The hotel rooms have a safe, flat-screen TV, minibar, air conditioning, and hairdryer.

In addition, the only “Hoteza” program in Minsk has been introduced in the hotel, allowing guests to order additional hotel services without leaving their rooms, receive information about the hotel and interesting places and sights of Minsk using the TV in the room.

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Double Tree by Hilton Minsk

Rating: 9,4DoubleTree by Hilton, лучшие 5-звездочные отели Минска

Address: Pobediteley avenue 9

Price of a room for one: from 286 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 286 BYN

Another Hilton hotel. The hotel is located in the very historical center of Minsk, and in order to explore the city, you almost need no transport. Most of the main attractions of Minsk can be reached from this place in less than 10 minutes walking.

DoubleTree by Hilton Minsk is one of the hotels that was built in recent years in connection with the World Hockey Championship, which was held in Belarus, and a visa-free regime, with an emphasis on the development of tourism in Belarus (finally! 🙂 ).

Doubletree by Hilton Minsk view from the restaurant

The hotel has a luxury bar and a restaurant where you can enjoy exclusive dishes and cocktails. From the observation deck of the restaurant, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Minsk. And burn the calories of the food you eat in the 24-hour gym.

Doubletree by Hilton, внешний вид номера отеля

Of the features, already standard for modern hotels, flat-screen TVs, as well as comfortable desks with ergonomic chair.

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Minsk Marriott Hotel

Rating: 9,1Minsk Marriott hotel outside in the evening

Address: Pobeditelej avenue 20

Price of a room for one: from 313 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 313 BYN

One of the largest and most elite hotels in Minsk is a hotel of the Marriott chain, which was built with the money of investors from Qatar.

It is located quite close to the city center, in a green area not far from the cycle path that runs through the whole of Minsk. In addition, it is just a 10-minute walk away from the BelExpo exhibition center.

Marriott hotel hall in Minsk

The hotel has a spa, a boutique cinema, and a fitness center. You can also play tennis and squash. In addition, you can taste Mediterranean cuisine in the Fornello restaurant, and exclusive drinks in the Greatroom and Barrel bars. A large business meeting can be organized in one of 8 conference rooms.

Элитный номер в отеле Marriott в Минске

Rooms have a flat-screen TV, air conditioning and a work space. A relaxing view of the river also deserves a special mention. As a nice bonus, visitors especially note the breakfast and coffee at the Marriott hotel.

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Renaissance Minsk Hotel

Rating: 8,9Renaissance hotel in minsk, Belarus

Address: Dzerzhinskogo avenue 1Е

Price of a room for one: from 269 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 269 BYN

Another hotel built for the 2014 World Cup. A modern and unusual hotel at a short distance from the center of Minsk. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the silence while you sleep. At the same time, the center can be reached in 5 minutes by car.

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Panoramic view from Renaissance roof top restaurant and bar in Minsk

As a standard for Minsk elite hotels, Renaissance has a spa, a fitness room, a sauna and an indoor pool (the standard is higher than many European cities). There is also a bar and a restaurant on site.

Renaissance hotel room in Minsk

The rooms have air conditioning, kettles, working space and flat-screen TV, and the bathroom has a hairdryer. And for a business person, breakfast and other meals delivery to the room is provided.

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Boutique Hotel Buta

Rating: 9,3Buta Elite Hotel in Minsk at night

Address: Myasnikova 7

Price of a room for one: from 338 BYN

Price of a room for two: from 391 BYN

The hotel is located very close to the historical center of Minsk, near the end of Nemiga Street, which is considered to be the place where the city originated.

Buta Boutique hotel in minsk inside

The entire hotel and rooms are decorated in luxurious renaissance style with delicate colors and shades of beige. The hotel has a casino, as well as a sauna and an indoor pool. The restaurant serves European and Belarusian cuisine. There is also a bar, and food and drinks can also be ordered to the room.

Buta hotel room, where to stay in Minsk

Each room has a mini-bar, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a kettle and absolute comfort;).

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It was our full review of the best 3, 4 and 5-star hotels in Minsk with their prices, reviews, addresses, and features. Find out the best things to do in Belarus and plan your trip with the help of our travel planner!

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