Getting Around Belarus: Ultimate Transportation Guide for Travelers

Belavia Plane in Minsk national airportThe geographical position of Belarus right in the center of Europe played into the hands of all travelers, as hundreds of international and intercity routes pass through the country.

You do not need to use the services of travel companies, a trip to Belarus can be planned independently.

In this article, we will describe in detail the available transport for the traveler.

Let’s Go!

You can get to Belarus by car, by train, bus or plane. Inside the country it is convenient to travel by intercity buses and minibuses. We will tell you more about ground-based methods of travel, but now we will stop on airplanes.

In the capital of Belarus in Minsk has a modern national airport that accepts many international flights from all over Europe. This is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to Belarus, but, at the same time, the most expensive. Find out the cost of the flight from anywhere in the world to Belarus:

Railway transport

Business class train, transportation in Belarus

The train is the most popular mode of transport for international travel to Belarus. The prices for an international trip are in the middle between the airplane and the bus, and comfort at the same time is incomparable with anything, especially if you bought a ticket in the compartment.

Trains of the Belarusian Railways can give you the paid and free services. You will be given bed linen, as well as prepare a bed for passengers who need help (use of a set of linen is paid if the price is not included in the ticket), offer board games, provide first aid, give seat belts, offer delicious food and drinks.

Train in Minsk, transportation in Belarus

By train, you can also travel within the country. The timetable for domestic trains can be found here. Prices may vary depending on the class of the train (business or economy) and directions, but overall the cost of tickets is low.

You can buy train tickets in person at the ticket offices at stations, and also order by phone or online with delivery (in Minsk, Gomel, Mogilev) and without delivery (check out at the checkout during the period specified by the operator).

On domestic and some international lines it is possible to buy the electronic ticket, having paid it through the Internet with the help of a bank plastic card, electronic money systems EasyPay and WebMoney. If you have an electronic registration, you can take a passport by going on a train.

Please note that smoking in trains is prohibited, except for international trains, where there are specially designated places for smoking.

Bus transport

Ecolines bus, travel around Belarus

Traveling by bus will take considerably less time than on a train. This is due to the fact that on the way the bus makes less stops, and the length of motor roads is less than that of railways.

For example, a trip from Gomel to Brest by bus takes about 6 hours, and by train 8-9 hours. The difference in time is especially noticeable if you are traveling to Belarus from neighboring countries.

For international travel, we recommend using the services of private companies Ecolines and Eurolines. They offer a lot of routes from Europe to Belarus at a democratic price. Buses are comfortable, passengers are offered free internet, sockets, toilet and air conditioning. On the websites of these companies you will find detailed information on available routes and the cost of travel.

For domestic travel, use the services of the Belarusian bus stations. There you can buy a cheap bus ticket to anywhere in Belarus. Also you can buy tickets online. At the bus station you can comfortably wait for your bus, have a snack and read the press.

In Minsk, passengers take the bus station Central and the bus station Yugo-Zapadnaya, Avtozavodskaya. In other cities of Belarus, passengers often receive one train station located in the city center, so you can easily reach the hotel by taxi or public transport.

Here you can find out the detailed information about ticket prices and free places. On average, the cost of the trip is from 10 to 25 Belarusian rubles (≈5-15$) for a sitting place.

Marshrutka, small intercity bus in Belarus

In addition to state intercity buses in Belarus, a network of private minibus is developed. Here  you can choose a minibus by any of the directions, find out the cost. The average cost of the trip is 5-15 Belarusian rubles (≈2-8$), depending on the route.

This type of transport is not as comfortable as a bus or a train, but if you have planned a trip within 150-200 km, then a fixed-route minibus is the best value for money. Large transport companies have their own mobile applications where you can book a ticket, but in most cases, the reservation is made by phone, and the payment is to the driver before the trip.

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