News of 2017 & Why You Should Visit Belarus in 2018

2018 fireworks, news from 2017 and reasons to visit Blearus in 2018Having been closed for many years, Belarus has made many changes in 2017 to become more open to foreign tourists and investors.

Let’s see, what big news 2017 brought us and what changes in Belarus have occured this year making it such an attractive destination:

  1. Visa-free regime. Not so long ago, in 2016, to visit Belarus, you need a visa for 60 euros. Getting it could also be a problem, as you would need to fill many requirements and wait for several days to get it. In the beginning of 2017, the president of Belarus signed a decree to allow citizens of over 80 countries to visit our country without a visa. The free entry was for 5 days and only in the case of arriving to and departing from main Minsk airport. After a big increase in the number of tourists, the government decided to increase the term to 10 days! Great news for tourists!
  2. Another big change was made in the business sector. On December 22, the president has signed another decree, legalizing the cryptocurrencies and making their trading, the Initial Coin Offerings, and smart contracts, tax-free for 5 years. To help you with the legal procedures of starting a business in Belarus and we are planning to publish two in-depth articles during the next few weeks.
  3. In Belarus, namely its capital Minsk together with Riga (Latvia), will be held another World Hockey Championship in 2021. The decision was made during the championship in Cologne. The first WHC in Minsk was organized in 2014, and it brought a large number of tourists to our country. Also, the championship in 2014 brought many investors to the capital almost doubling the number of hotels in Minsk and making it much more prepared for tourists.
  4. The Children Eurovision Song Contest in November 2018 will be held in Minsk for the second time. Belarusian children have won. First time, the contest was organized in Minsk in 2010. Visit Belarus and cheer your country in November!
  5. This year was the 500th anniversary of the first book publisher in Eastern Europe of Belarusian origin. You can read more about Francis Skaryna and the other famous Belarusians in the world history here.
  6. Second European games in 2019 will be also held in Minsk. This year, 5 countries applied to organize this sports event, and Belarus was the country that won. The number of countries taking part will be about 50, and the estimated number of sportsmen will be over 4000.

They are just major events that happened in 2017 or were planned this year to be organized in Belarus in the future.

As you see, the changes are big, and Belarus is becoming more and more interesting country to visit.

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