14 Events in Minsk & Belarus September 2018: Things to Do

day of Minsk, events in Belarus September 2018Beer festival, fire festival, the Day of Minsk, historic festival, tankman day, little France in the middle of Belarus are just some of the holidays and events in Belarus that are worth visiting in September this year.

Not only in summer, but also at any time of the year you can find interesting events in Belarus, and in particular in Minsk. To have a great time in our country this September and plan your trip to the most interesting festivals and events, we decided to make up a list of the most interesting events in Belarus in September, both free and paid.

The first weekend of the month is especially full of events. So, here is the list of the most interesting events in Belarus in September 2018.

Tuborg Open Fest

What: Music Festival

Where: “Sandbox”, Prospekt Masherova, 11, Minsk

When: September 1

Price: free, but you should register first

On September 1, you will have an opportunity to attend a music festival with numerous interesting performers in one of the newest and already popular party places in Minsk, “Sandbox”. Artists include  Rem Digga, The Feedback, Awlnight, Ana Zhdanova, Aslamin project, Bakey and Groove Dealers. Their main music styles are hip-hop and funk.

In addition to music, there will be a food court, photo zones and a sculpture made of beer cans.

Learn more on the official website of the festival: (only in Russian)

Festival of Georgian Culture “Tbilisoba”

Tbilisoba, Georgian fest in Minsk

What: Festival of Georgian Culture

Where: Svabody Square, Minsk

When: September 1

Price: Free

The festival of Georgian culture “Tbilisoba” will be held in Minsk for the fourth time. Last time, it gathered about 45 thousand people on Svabody Square.

If you are interested in Georgian culture, and you would like to listen to the performance of Georgian folk artists, taste Georgian national dishes, or just have fun, sing karaoke, dye your hair in the color of the Georgian flag and go skateboarding – come to the site next to the Minsk City Hall on September 1.

Folk Fest “Kamyanitsa”

Kamyanitsa folk fest, events in Belarus

What: folk festival

Where: Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Strochitsy, Ozertso village

When: September 1

Price: 15-20 BYN

For the tenth time, the folklore festival “Kamyanitsa” will be held in the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life “Strochitsy”. There you can listen to some of the most famous Belarusian folk bands: “Stary Olsa”, ethno-trio “Troitsa”, rock musician Lyavon Volsky, as well as the main Belarusian lyricist Zmitser Voytyushkevich. Foreign guests of the festival will be folk bands Joryj Kloc (Ukraine) and Testo (Russia).

In addition, the organizers promise to make this jubilee festival the best in terms of entertainment and variety of dishes on the food court.

Learn also about interesting activities that you can do in Minsk at any time of the year.

Little France at the National Nights Festival

National Nights, France, Minsk events

What: festival of French culture

Where: Zhdanovichsky s/s, 16/1, Robinson Club

When: September 1

Price: 20-40 BYN

For one day, the hotel and restaurant complex Robinson Club will turn into a small France. At the festival of French culture on September 1, you will be able to listen to the main hits of the French chanson, to admire the views of France and people dressed up in national French costumes, and taste French haute cuisine.

375 Festival

What: electronic music festival

Where: ОК16, st. Oktyabrskaya 16, Minsk

When: September 1

Price: 15-20 BYN

On the night from September 1 to September 2, fans of electronic music should go to Oktyabrskaya Street, where the 375 festival will be held. Over 20 famous artists will play music on 5 stages with different electronic music (from d’n’b to techno).

You can learn more on the official website of the festival: (only in Russian)


Fire Festival in Minsk, events in September 2018

What: international fire festival

Where: Minsk

When: September 7-9

Price: unknown

An incredible pyrotechnic show from artists from Belarus and neighboring countries will be held in Minsk for 3 days.

In addition to pyrotechnics, the festival will feature musical bands, professional dancers, fireworks, original installations and even performances with flamethrowers.

Find out more on the official website:

Day of the City of Minsk

day of Minsk, events in Belarus September 2018

What: the Day of Minsk

Where: Minsk

When: September 8

Price: Free

A lot of different events and concerts throughout the capital, as well as the final fireworks near the museum of the Second World War, await you on the Day of the City of Minsk on September 8.

Real and virtual Minsk

What: exhibition of photographs and models of Minsk

Where: Historical Museum, st. Marx 12, Minsk

When: before September 15

Price: 7 BYN

In the historical museum in Minsk, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful photos of Minsk 50 years ago, as well as the graphically restored images of buildings that stood here at different times of the past.

Mensk Staryzhytny

What: military-historical festival

Where: park at the intersection of Pobediteley and Masherov Avenues, Minsk

When: September 8

Price: Free (only in Russian and Belarusian)

Local historical festival, incorporating the best from larger events like “The Holiday of the Sun”. Here, historical battles and folk music were successfully combined. In addition to recreating significant historical events, the festival hosts noble knight tournaments, horse shows and master classes by the country’s best artisans.


What: the largest beer festival

Where: next to Lida castle

When: September 8

Price: 30 BYN (only in Belarusian)

Lidbeer is a large-scale beer festival that takes place annually in the city of Lida near the walls of the famous Lida Castle. Centuries-old traditions of brewing, combined with popular rock music, are gather at the festival by thousands of spectators from all over the world.

The festival is divided into several zones, where everyone can have fun. Music lovers will be able to dance in the zone of the stage, and fans of beer can taste the best beers and enjoy snacks away from loud guitars.

Even for children there is a separate zone where they will be able to participate in contests and find new friends. And after the festival you can go to with big company or a friendly family on an excursion to the Lida Castle.

Tankman Day

Tankman day in Minsk

What: tankman day

Where: Victory Park, Minsk

When: September 9

Price: Free

Go to the festival of tanks, and listen to good music on the tanker’s day in Minsk on September 9. Groups will include IOWA, Boombox and Dancing Minus.

With the support of Wargaming company, which created the cult game World of Tanks, you can play at the largest game zone in the CIS. In addition, you will find entertainment for the whole family, food court, tents with souvenirs and much more.

Minsk half marathon

Minsk Half Marathon in September 2018

What: half marathon

Where: Minsk

When: September 9

Price: 9-65 BYN

“Minsk Polo Marathon” is a unique opportunity to see Minsk from an unusual angle: when will you have an opportunity to run right in the middle of the central avenue?

Find out more on the official website of the Minsk half-marathon: (also has an English version)

H.O.G. Rally Minsk 2018: Closing of the Harley-Davidson motor season

Bikers festival in Minsk in September

What: Motor Show

Where: 4, Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk

When: September 14-16

Price: Free

Bikers from different countries will gather at an event dedicated to the closing of the motor season in Belarus. There will be demonstration performances of famous bikers and showmen, as well as performances of Belarusian artists.

More information can be found at (also has an English version)

International Forum of Theater Art “TEART”

What: forum of theatrical art

Where: theaters of Minsk

When: September 20-24

Price: depending on the show

The best theatrical performances from around the world from famous artists will be shown in numerous theaters of Minsk from September 20 to September 24, 2018.

More information on the official website of the forum (also has an English version).

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This was the list of the best events in Minsk and Belarus in September 2018. We will try to publish such reviews every month. Not to miss the next one, follow us on social media!

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