10 Best Restaurants in Minsk

On the Internet you can easily find dozens of tops of the best restaurants in Minsk.

All of them are based on the opinions of visitors, the opinion of restaurant critics or on the personal preferences of the authors of the articles.

We decided to go the other way and gathered for you the top of the best cafes and restaurants in Minsk, awarded the GoldenChef award.

GoldenChef is a restaurant and gastronomic award, which is held annually among Belarusian restaurants, cafes and bars. Among the partners of GoldenChef you can meet the largest companies – TUT.BY, Zepter, Samura, ONT Radio and many others. Their authority is already enough for you to pay attention to the winners of the GoldenChef Prize.

The Best Place of National Cuisine – “Kamyanitsa”

The restaurant “Kamyanitsa” can be safely called one of the most remarkable places in Minsk. This restaurant has long become a favorite place for those who love the Middle Ages, folk culture and national Belarusian cuisine. “Kamyanitsa” includes two main halls (for 35-50 persons), a bar, with its own hall, and a VIP room.

One of the main halls is made in the authentic atmosphere of the Middle Ages: stone walls, stained glass windows, low ceilings, muted light. The other is more like a tavern with dark rough wooden furniture and a fireplace in the corner of the room. In this same room there is a mini-bar, which is made of stone and looks like a small fortress wall. Moreover, “Kamyanitsa” has gone beyond the usual framework of the restaurant and for five years has been one of the organizers and participant of the folk festival of the same name.

Address: Pervomayskaya street, 18

Opening hours: 12:00 – 23:00

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The Best Bar – Stirlitz spy bar

In Minsk, there is the most secret and mysterious bar – Stirlitz spy bar. The bar is so secreted that it can not be found in directories, on the Internet or in social networks. Even on the official website there is no information about the whereabouts of the institution. It is known only that this bar is located in the center of Minsk, along Oktyabrskaya Street, and has neither banners nor signboards.

The arch, the secret door, the corridor and the secret entrance – that’s how they describe the location of the Stirlitz bar. Owners are advised not even to try to clarify the location of passers-by – no one has no idea. To get to the bar, you must agree with its rules (they can be read on the bar’s website). Fill out the form on the site and hope that you will be phoned and, possibly, invited to the restaurant.

Address: unknown

Opening hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 18:00 to 06:00

The Best Restaurant Concept is the Cafe-Living Room “Chekhov”

Cafe-living room “Chekhov” is a cafe in which you can also have a good rest. Here people communicate, play billiards, smoke together and play the piano, play solitaires and play chess. In a word, if you have nothing to do in the evening, you will like Chekhov. There are several rooms here, and people gather in everyone who have something in common. You can, for example, play billiards, and then go with friends in the smoking room. It often hosts banquets and receptions.

Here you can also watch TV programs on a large screen with high resolution. Your ears will be entertained by the sounds of live music played by guest musicians. If you like privacy – at your disposal a small but library full of books.

Address: Vitebsk street, 11

Opening hours: Mon-Thu, Sun: 13:00-00:00; Fri-Sat: 13:00-02:00

The Best Youth Cafe is the «Garage Cafe»

“Garage” is a unique place where you can relax and pleasantly pass the time by ordering dishes of European cuisine. For working in the daytime there is a business lunch. You will be pleasantly surprise by the prices, and the friendly attitude of the staff of the establishments and excellent service will make you want to return here. This place is especially popular with young people, there are daily meetings of friends and birthday parties.

The main highlight of the cafe “Garage” is a unique interior! Just look at the ceiling lamps made of automobile tires!

Address: Umanskaya Street, 54

Opening hours: 9:00 – 23:00

The Best Restaurant For Tourists is the “Belaruskaya Karchma”

In “Belaruskaya Karchma” you will feel as if you went to the two centuries ago, because here everything is stylized for the XIX century. Landscape designers created an attractive area for guests, on which this restaurant with annexes is located. Inside the restaurant there is a large wooden table and a benches. This placement is sure to please a big company.

The Belarusian cuisine is offered: saltwort, borsch, pork and veal. Do not go past the hot bread, that only taken out of the oven, and taste a real live beer. In the courtyard you can arrange a knight’s tournament and other entertainment, as well as a wedding, a family celebration.

Address: Minsk region, Ozertso

Opening hours: daily 11:00-19:00

Best Coffee House – CoffeeBerry

The coffee house «CoffeeBerry» on the International street offers more than 40 names of coffee drinks. From drinks in the menu also there is tea, smoothies, cocoa. In the place you can take tea or coffee for a takeaway or drink a cup of fragrant coffee in the very institution. From food in the coffee house you can buy a sandwich or dessert, which will be an excellent addition to the drink. Prices are available to every visitor. For the convenience of visitors, there is a Wi-Fi network.

For coffee lovers, CoffeeBerry will be a pleasant discovery and will certainly please a large assortment of coffee drinks.

Address: Mezhdunarodnaya street, 5

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 8:00-23:00; Fri: 8:00-24:00; Sat-Sun: 10:00-24:00

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The Best Reasonably Priced Restaurant  Baldenini cafe

“Baldenini cafe” an restaurant with author’s and European cuisines, as well as a stylish design. In the cafe there are 3 rooms with soft sofas and armchairs. For those who want to retire, a VIP room with a home theater for 12 people is provided. In the menu “Baldenini cafe”  trout in almond sauce, warm salad with seafood and other dishes from the chef of the establishment.

The cafe is engaged in organization of holidays, employees of “Baldenini cafe” will take care of that each client does not remain without due attention. Entertainments  live music and karaoke.

Address: Budslavskaya street, 2

Opening hours: daily 12:00 – 24:00

The Best Beer Establishment is the “Staromestniy pivovar”

The main task of the restaurant “Staromestnyj pivovar” is to preserve and transfer traditions. This place offers its visitors to plunge into the late medieval atmosphere, in which there is no place for haste and hecticness. Here everyone is given a distraction from cares, it is only necessary to choose the right table for yourself: secluded in the corner or for a large company in the center. Since the beer traditions are inextricably linked with Germany and the Czech Republic, they also prepare national dishes of these countries. In addition, the “Staromestniy pivovar” has its own production of bread and sausage products, so that guests of the restaurant are available fresh and quality products.

And, of course, the main pride of the restaurant is a live beer brewed specially for him at a private brewery according to old German recipes.

Address: Herzen Street, 4

Opening hours: Mon-Thu, Sun: 12:00-24:00; Fri-Sat: 12:00-2:00

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The Best Restaurant in 24 hours format  – “Grand Bellagio”

GrandBellagio is a cozy restaurant with a unique design in the heart of Minsk. The restaurant is located in the entertainment complex “Belaya Vezha”. Here you will not find fanciful interiors and important visitors. In this restaurant is  always tasty and comfortable, regardless of time of day and season. The restaurant offers 37 tables for 220 seats. The interior of the restaurant can be easily transformed into events of any format: a family dinner or a romantic dinner, a banquet or a buffet table, a business meeting or a presentation.

In the territory of GrandBellagio there are 2 hookah rooms, located symmetrically. Each hookah is represented by 3 cozy fenced off booths, for 6 seats each, with soft sofas and own TV. The rooms have a relative sound insulation and are hidden from the general view. A wide hookah map allows to make rest in GrandBellagio even more pleasant.

The restaurant also has a summer terrace. The summer terrace is the most popular holiday destination in the hot season. 6 separately standing pavilions, for 4 seats each, are located on the adjacent territory of the Belaya Vezha complex. All the possibilities of the GrandBellagio restaurant are available here: from the bar menu to the services of the hookah rooms. Warm plaids, tight curtains, fresh air and light background music will appeal to all who dream of running away from for city bustle.

In addition, visitors are offered a karaoke room. Like any room in GrandBellagio, karaoke is created here for the comfort and relaxation of any guest. Technical equipment is one of the best in Minsk. The musical base, the level of sound and lighting equipment allow you to compete with larger karaoke clubs in the capital. 45 seats, 8 tables, 3 plasma and a large screen with a projector allow you to use the karaoke room for watching sports broadcasts, meeting with friends or holding small family holidays. Own secure parking is available for a large number of cars. If necessary, here it is possible to hold a presentation of the car brand or placing the car for advertising purposes.

The cuisine is very diverse (European, Italian, Russian, French, Japanese), all dishes are cooked with a soul and care of visitors.

Address: Masherov Prospekt, 17

Opening time: 24 hours

Restaurant of the Year – “Golden Scallop” (“La Crete d’or”)

The restaurant “La Crete d’or” (translated from the French “Golden Scallop”) is the place where the best culinary traditions of France are embodied. “La Crete d’or” is an restaurant of gastronomic delights.

Under the guidance of the chef of the restaurant, every day in the kitchen, simple French folk dishes are prepared, as well as trendy new dishes with a lot of ingredients. The wine cellar is the undisputed pride of the restaurant, which, by the way, was the first in Minsk, where collected good wines from around the world. By the way, the chef of the restaurant “Golden Scallop” Alexander Petriman received the “Chef of the Year” award from GoldenChef. This restaurant is considered to be the best place in Minsk.

Address: Lenin street, 3

Opening hours: daily 11:00 – 23:00

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EXTRA: Svobody 4 (the best cafe according to the HIFIVE BELARUS)

cozy cafe

This bar is very popular among Minskers! Its name literally means ‘Freedom, 4’. The loft-style interior is decorated with wood and metal elements. This bar is perfect for almost any occasion: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or partying. So go for a good glass of wine and cheese, check out the locals, and party away to some good old freedom vibes.

Address: Svabody Sq., 4

Opening hours: 10: 00-0: 00, Fri-Sat till 2:00

As you can see, in Minsk you can choose an restaurant for every taste and purse. After a good lunch win a jackpot in the casino or visit the unforgettable night clubs of the capital. We wish you a pleasant stay!

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