Most popular summer sports in Belarus

5 Belarus Summer Sports You Should Try 

Summer sports are especially popular in Belarus because of the good climate and developed sports infrastructure. Here you can easily play football, swim in the pool or learn something new! In this article we will tell you where in Minsk you can do the most popular sports. Let’s Go! Tennis […]

катание на коньках в минске

10 Most Popular Sports in Belarus

In Belarus, as well as in other countries, there are various kinds of sports popular not only among professional sportsmen, but also among city residents. Children and adults gladly get up on the ice, soccer field or tennis court to get a charge of cheerfulness and good mood. Traditionally, Belarus […]

Top winter sports in Belarus, snowboarding

5 Winter Sports in Belarus That You Can Try

If you do not imagine winter without sports, speed and adrenaline, or, conversely, never stood on a board or skis, but decided that now is the time, then this article is very useful. We are sorting out what kinds of sports can be practiced in Minsk and its environs. Let’s […]

аутентичная пивоварня с разными сортами пива

10 Best Bars in Minsk for Rest and Entertainment

The capital of Belarus is famous for its numerous bars and restaurants, where you can relax regardless of the size of your wallet. Minsk offers the city’s guests first-class gastro-pubs along with cozy inexpensive eateries, most of them located right in the city center, within walking distance of metro and […]

Family activities in Belarus, vacations with kids, autumn Minsk

Top 10 Family Activities in Belarus: Vacations with Kids

Family vacations in Belarus are very popular: adults and children won’t be bored in our country! In order to find the most interesting places to visit for both parents and children, we picked up places for recreation and entertainment of both. We suggest you plunge into the world of childhood […]

Sailing ship on the Augustow Canal in Belarus

Ultimate Guide to Augustow Canal

Augustow Canal is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Belarus. It is not only a unique park, but also the only canal in the country, where you can cross the border with Poland on a kayak or boat. This way to get into the country enjoys great popularity […]

лучший ресторан минскаыа

10 Best Restaurants in Minsk

On the Internet you can easily find dozens of tops of the best restaurants in Minsk. All of them are based on the opinions of visitors, the opinion of restaurant critics or on the personal preferences of the authors of the articles. We decided to go the other way and […]