spinning rod on the lake in Belarus

Ultimate Fishing in Belarus Guide 2019: Your Best Catch

If you are an unstoppable traveler, especially if you like fishing, then you definitely need to visit Belarus. There are plenty of places for fishing in the country of blue lakes! Beautiful views, privacy, quiet relaxation near the water, a pleasant company and a favorite occupation for your soul. Fishing […]

Казино в Беларуси Шангри-Ла

Top 10 Casinos in Minsk and Belarus for Any Budget

If you are passionate about gambling and like casinos, you do not need to go to Las Vegas, you can go to Belarus and spend a great time in the best casinos in Belarus. Gambling business in Belarus is well developed: slot machines in Minsk, as well as poker and […]

Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk stage

Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk

The Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk is the largest and most popular festival of arts and culture in Belarus. If you still think: what event to visit in July 2017? Of course, go to Vitebsk: for many years now, the Slavic Bazaar is the largest festival of the country. Since 1992, […]

Francis Skorina, scientist and the first printer

Famous Belarusians in World History

Belarus is famous for its outstanding people who have left their mark not only in the history of their country, but are known far beyond their homeland. Meet the most famous Belarusians who contributed to the World History. Francis Skorina, scientist and the first printer Francis Skorina is considered one […]

Best oldtimers from the bottom

Zabrodie village. Place that preserved history

Well, dear travelers, we have already visited with you the castles and palaces of Belarus, the heritage of noble clans. But, there is another Belarus, no less interesting, rustic and original, with an authentic peasant life, a leisurely life that will make you forget about time and enjoy the atmosphere […]

Old ships near Sula manor

Sula Open-Air Interactive History Museum

Accidents happen. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative ones. It happened that we occasionally went by a road we hadn’t known before and saw a road sign saying“Sula Manor House”. Having free time and insatiable curiosity, we turned in the direction that the sign has shown. And we discovered the gorgeous […]

The gate of Lubcha castle before reconstruction

Lubcha Castle

So, dear travelers, you saw the amazing sights of the original town of Novogrudok. Now we offer you to continue your journey and visit a small town Lubcha, just 26 km from Novogrudok. Historical reference of Lubcha you can find on Wikipedia, and we shall tell you more about the main […]