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Old ships near Sula manor

Sula Open-Air Interactive History Museum

Accidents happen. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative ones. It happened that we occasionally went by a road we hadn’t known before and saw a road sign saying“Sula Manor House”. Having free time and insatiable curiosity, we turned in the direction that the sign has shown. And we discovered the gorgeous […]

The gate of Lubcha castle before reconstruction

Lubcha Castle

So, dear travelers, you saw the amazing sights of the original town of Novogrudok. Now we offer you to continue your journey and visit a small town Lubcha, just 26 km from Novogrudok. Historical reference of Lubcha you can find on Wikipedia, and we shall tell you more about the main […]

Lakes and Rivers

 Nature has generously awarded Belarus with a large number of rivers and lakes, giving, thus, the residents and guests of the country scenic destinations. All lakes and rivers are of glacial origin and were formed due to the melting of a large Valdai glacier 13 thousand years ago. Today, there […]

Novogrudok castle remnants

Slonim and Novogrudok

Attractions of Grodno region Tourists who have already crossed Grodno far and wide, we advise you not to hurry to leave the area, and visit the town of Slonim. According to the first records from the year 1252, it was originally called Uslonim (from old Slavic “barrier”, “fortification”). Tourists who want to get acquainted […]

Собор святого Феодора в Пинске

Sights of Pinsk

  Pinsk is very little known by tourists and even by Belarusians, but it has lots of unique and ancient attractions to surprise its visitors. Sights of Pinsk is what we are going to talk about today. It is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. The city was founded […]