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Lake and church in Belarus, trip planner and reasons to visit Belarus

7 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Belarus This Year

After years of being a closed country, Belarus started working on the improvement of its tourism potential by increasing its attractiveness and easiness to come here.  A couple of years of hard work, and now Belarus is in Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2019 according to Lonely Planet ranking. To […]

дед мороз в беловежской пуще

Where to Selebrate New Year 2019 in Belarus

New Year holidays are approaching. It means that the streets of the cities will shine with colored lights, the squares will be decorated with Christmas trees, the townsfolk will look happier, and the air will be filled by the atmosphere of magic and fairy tales. In this article, we will […]

2018 fireworks, news from 2017 and reasons to visit Blearus in 2018

News of 2017 & Why You Should Visit Belarus in 2018

Having been closed for many years, Belarus has made many changes in 2017 to become more open to foreign tourists and investors. Let’s see, what big news 2017 brought us and what changes in Belarus have occured this year making it such an attractive destination: Visa-free regime. Not so long […]