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8 events in Minsk in January 2019 that you can’t skip

The largest virtual entertainment park in Europe, free movies in the cinema, a “hot” exhibition of Spanish artists, meeting with cute cats, pillow fight — these are events in Minsk specially selected for you to have a good time in January 2019! So that you do not miss the chance to […]

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Top 5 Places Where to Celebrate the New Year in Minsk

The period of New Year’s and Christmas holidays is a time when numerous restaurants, hotels and agro-homesteads open their doors to all who dream of spending holidays fun and interesting. We have compiled our list of the best places in the capital, where you can meet the New Year or […]

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Luxury Holidays in Belarus

If you have a golden card and you can afford luxury holidays, then our “Belarus Luxury Itinerary” is for you. We have outlined a list of interesting entertainment in the capital and beyond, which will show you splendid Belarus. Learn more about the best luxury activities in Belarus below! Luxury […]

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Opinion about Belarus from 5 Travel Bloggers

If you were planning to visit Belarus, you probably saw some exciting guides of famous travel websites and at the same time, terrible stories from journalists onnews portals. Both cannot reflect the genuine picture of our country. That is why we decided to ask 4 travel bloggers who visited Belarus […]

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50 Interesting Facts about Belarus You Didn’t Know

Even the closest neighbors know very little about Belarus. People from farther countries are often interested in where it is, and whether Belarus is a country at all. Here, we describe the top 50 interesting facts about Belarus that everyone should know (not to ask those stupid questions anymore 🙂 […]

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Price of 1 Day Visit in Minsk: Cheapest City in Europe

Minsk is an lesser-known city in Eastern Europe, which is visited less often than the capitals of the neighboring countries. Nevertheless, the city has many special and interesting attractions that are worth visiting. Based on the “Three-Star Traveler Index” and “Backpacker Index”, Minsk is one of the cheapest cities in […]