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50 Interesting Facts about Belarus You Didn’t Know

Even the closest neighbors know very little about Belarus. People from farther countries are often interested in where it is, and whether Belarus is a country at all. Here, we describe the top 50 interesting facts about Belarus that everyone should know (not to ask those stupid questions anymore 🙂 […]

Study in Belarus Guide

Belarus has a developed education system that provides training for a wide range of specialists who are ready to work effectively in the modern world. Higher education in the republic is prestigious and at the same time it remains accessible. Enrollment in higher educational institutions is carried out by competition […]

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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Belarusian Character

What is the difference between a Belarusian and a Russian, a Ukrainian or a Pole? Of course, the mentality. For a long time Belarus was part of the USSR and was influenced by Soviet culture, but even this could not erase the national features of the Belarusian character. To make […]