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minsk panorama on sunrise

Price of 1 Day Visit in Minsk: Cheapest City in Europe

Minsk is an lesser-known city in Eastern Europe, which is visited less often than the capitals of the neighboring countries. Nevertheless, the city has many special and interesting attractions that are worth visiting. Based on the “Three-Star Traveler Index” and “Backpacker Index”, Minsk is one of the cheapest cities in […]

coffee with latte-art

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Minsk: Where to Try the Best coffee

Previously, metropolitan coffee-connoisseurs were forced to independently brew coffee, while being in constant search for quality grains. The existing networks of coffee houses did not satisfy the demand, and, most importantly, could not provide coffee lovers with really tasty drinks.  Over time, the situation has changed for the better and […]

Top 20 Unusual Things to Do in Minsk

Minsk is known to travelers not only as the largest city of Belarus (and, in combination, its capital), but also as a leisure center, a city where everyone can choose entertainment to their liking. Based on the feedback of tourists and our own experience, we chose the 20 unusual things […]

Костел воздвижения в Лиде

Sights of Lida: what’s worth visiting

Lida is a small city located in the Grodno region, famous for its magnificent sights and fascinating excursions. Every year, Lida attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world and this is not surprising, since every traveler can find here an activity to his liking. We have analyzed the […]