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Beautiful chalk pit near Volkovysk in Belarus to visit this summer

Top 5 Belarus Attractions You Need to Visit This Year

A country that only recently opened its borders to tourists already became a popular travel destination. Belarus is a country of undiscovered sights that attract more and more international travelers. To help you choose out of the wide variety of tourist attractions in Belarus, we chose our top 5 of […]

Virgin Nativity Church

Fort churches of Belarus

In the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the 16th century was considered as one of the most bloody ones. Many times, enemy detachments tried to conquer Belarusian lands. Therefore, the inhabitants of these lands erected majestic defense installations. However, in the principality, as in all of Europe at that time, stone […]

Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk

Pilgrimage route around Orthodox shrines of Belarus

Today it is very popular to travel to holy places in many countries of the world. There are such places in Belarus, which from time immemorial attracted believers with their spiritual power. However, this trip will be interesting not only to pilgrims, but also to ordinary tourists. With the help […]