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Kossovo castle in Belarus from afar

Puslovskys Palace in Kossovo: All You Need to Know

The Puslovskys Palace on the outskirts of the town of Kossovo (or Kosava) has no analogues in Belarus. Its neo-Gothic style of the middle of the 19th century is absolutely unique. It consists of twelve towers that rise above the two-story building of the palace itself. The towers have dentate […]

Костел воздвижения в Лиде

Sights of Lida: what’s worth visiting

Lida is a small city located in the Grodno region, famous for its magnificent sights and fascinating excursions. Every year, Lida attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world and this is not surprising, since every traveler can find here an activity to his liking. We have analyzed the […]

The gate of Lubcha castle before reconstruction

Lubcha Castle

So, dear travelers, you saw the amazing sights of the original town of Novogrudok. Now we offer you to continue your journey and visit a small town Lubcha, just 26 km from Novogrudok. Historical reference of Lubcha you can find on Wikipedia, and we shall tell you more about the main […]