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Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Belarus

Belarus is a versatile and unusual country. Its unique culture is reflected not only in local sights and mentality of Belarusians but also in souvenirs, which every tourist can find in any, even the smallest town in the country. We have collected for you the best Belarusian souvenirs (and no, […]


Top 10 Delicious Belarusian Dishes

Belarusian cuisine! How many feelings this phrase evokes from anyone who has ever got to know Belarusian national dishes. Juicy, appetizing, nourishing Belarusian food is undoubtedly liked by everyone. Traditionally, many Belarusian dishes are prepared from potatoes, perhaps, the most popular vegetable in the country. But in addition to the […]

Old ships near Sula manor


There are happenstances. Sometimes negative. And sometimes nice. It happened that we occasionally went by a road we hadn’t known before and saw a road sign “Sula Manor House”. Having free time and insatiable curiosity, we turned in the direction that the sign has shown. And we discovered the gorgeous […]

The gate of Lubcha castle before reconstruction

Lubcha Castle

So, dear travelers, you saw the amazing sights of the original town of Novogrudok. Now we offer you to continue your journey and visit a small town Lubcha, just 26 km from Novogrudok. Historical reference of Lubcha you can find on Wikipedia, and we shall tell you more about the main […]